If Your Score Is More Than 7/10, You’re Addicted To Memes


Ee article open chesina vaallu 2 types. First type, ‘Oh meme addicts kuda untara? LOL, ento chudham aagu’ ani open chesina vaallu. Second type, ‘OMG! Meme Addict ah! ante nene. Naa gurinchi oka article ah! Wow‘ anukunna vaallu. Manam indhulo matladedhi ee type 2 people gurinche, Manaki life lo pedha panulu, priorities undavu, okavela unna mana daily schedule lo memes anevi oka part, avi lenidhe manam lemu. Basic ga ee article meeku oka check list lantidhi anamata, ante ee kindha unna vaatilo meeru em em points chusi ‘Arrey! Idhi nene‘ ani anukunnaro, out of 10 enni points score chesaro maku comments lo cheppandi, Let’s start.


Stage-1: Starting Stage


Stage-2: From 9GAG To Telugu Meme Pages (365 degrees coverage untadhi)


Stage-3 Online unna, Offline unna LIT Memes eppuduu manathone undali.


Stage-4 Phone Gallery: 80% memes, 20% selfies


Stage-5 Memes lo PhD patta antu edhanna unte adhi manaki pakka


Stage-6 ‘Taggesh’, ‘Tagapathi’, ‘Tagaraju’


Stage-7 Any Doubts ?


Stage-8 Situation edhanna sare, One brahmi pic ready ga untadhi


Stage-9 Nuvvu Evaraina sare


Stage-10: Ika Manalni Evaru Kapadaleni Stage


And finally as a fellow ‘Meme-Addict’ I can’t stop myself from asking you to tag your meme-partner here. ‘Tag’andi, ‘Tag’inchandi. Bye.


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