“Meekem! Pelli Cheskoni Chekkestaru”. Here’s A Woman’s Take On The Most Irritating Dialogue

Aina mi ammailaki enti. Manchiga chadivina, chadavakapoyina, last ki evado okadni pelli cheskoni chekkestaru. It’s all so easy for you women.

This is something that I’ve heard when I randomly bumped into a schoolmate at a pani puri stall. This happened in my life 3 years ago. Appudu enduku react avvaledho teledhu, but my head and heart both knew that it’s a thing that was so wrong with the mentality of that person as well as a huge part of the society.

Ee situation na life lo aiyyi 3 years aina kuda, this is one thing that bothers me the most, even to this day.

Is that what most men think?

Does it really look so easy?

Do women so gracefully make it look so easy?

Ila chala questions. I always thought that if that moment ever repeats itself in my life, I’m definitely going to talk about it at a level that makes an impact. But then, is it always important to wait for such a moment? Isn’t the issue big enough to talk for itself whenever it wants to? I guess it is. It of course is.

Mi ammailaki enti… evaro okarini pelli cheskoni chekkestaru

It’s so easyyy.

Oh I so wish it was easy.

Because trust me darling, it’s not!

Chinnapudu ninchi unna illu, mana comfort zone, amma-nanna

Anni vadhilesi vere intiki velladam, is not easy!

Aa intlo, manaki tappa migitha andhari istha prakaram undadam

Andhariki nache tattu undadam, is not easy!

Eppatnuncho Hyderabad ki alavatu padina ammayi

Teleni chotu ki velli akkada paristithulaki alavatu padadam, is not easy!

Manaki alavatu leni chotu nidra povadam, tinadam,

akhariki navvadam nerchukovadam is definitely not easy!

Amma cheti vanta tinaleka povadam

Amma pappu oddu, oka omelette veyyi ani analeka povadam

Anna tho roju remote lakkoleka povadam

Manam prema tho decorate cheskunna room lo undaleka povadam


Asalu menstruation ento telenappudu, aa first period pain bharinchadam

Daani tarvata prati month danini alaavatu cheskovadam

9 months mana kadupulo oka life ni penchadam

Aa chinna life ni ee world looki tevadam

Does any of this sound easy to you?

Roads lo nadichina prati saari, bhayapadam

Venakki tirigi tirigi chudadam, eppudu em aipothado telekapovadam

Manaki nachina dresses amma vesukonivvaka povadam

Eppudu dhairyam ga trips ki vellalekapovadam

Neither was our childhood easy for us!

We are more than just a wife, a daughter, a mother ani prove cheyyadaniki roju ee society lo mana worth prove cheskovadaniki kashtapadam, is tough.

Mana already decided life ni, manamu malli sketch cheyyadam is tough.

To stand tall as a women is as tough and glorifying as it gets!

So if you ever come across someone who has the audacity to throw these sentences at you, I wish you answer them the right way!


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