#MeToo Campaign Goes Viral With Thousands Of Women Sharing Their Cases Of Sexual Assault!


Every woman, at any point of time would have faced this situation. It is very unfortunate that at certain situation of her life, her body is being exploited without her consent. It is high time that women raise their voice against these atrocities. Recently you’ve come across a hashtag #MeToo put up by many of your girl friends. Wondered what the fuss is about? From the past couple of days, growing tides of women have been tagging themselves in this campaign.

The trend appears to have started with Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano, who posted on Twitter that if all women who had experienced sexually assault or harassment wrote “Me Too” as a status, it would “give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem”. Within hours, it went viral across many social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Soon it was shared by thousands of women across the world and we can also find many celebrities among them. While some shared details of what they had been through, others simply stood up to be counted. Interestingly, this trend is trending the most in India after United States, followed by Pakistan.

The massive response to the campaign just goes to show how common place sexual assault and harassment are, be it at home, on the streets or in the workplace, as well that no woman is invulnerable. Already, the trend has raised tricky questions. Should male victims of sexual crime be left out because of their gender? When women wonder whether what they have gone through counts, is it part of the problem? Are those who choose not to share the status implicated by their silence? These issues should be given serious consideration.

Another issue that surfaced is people who put this status up just for the mere sake of it. Every issue has two faces t it. Likewise, a good cause should be respected and not made wayward. Men also wished to be a part of this campaign as sexual harassment is not just confined to one gender. It is a good sign to see many men coming up front with the atrocities they faced too. The whole society getting united for a good cause is a sign of progressive change. But at the same time it shouldn’t be another cry for attention kind of thing which loses its cause like the Ice bucket challenge. The statistics and the magnitude of this campaign is alarming and this shouldn’t go down the drain. It’s time we raise our voice against the silenced cries and unwanted touches. Join the millions and add to the high tide of this moral protest!


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