MB’s Interesting QnA Session On Instagram Is The Best Timepass We’ve Had In This Lockdown


Mahesh Babu garu did an interesting QnA session on his IG stories soon after announcing his new film with Parasuram. Chala crazy questions adigaru fans, Daaniki babu garu inka crazy answers icharu. Here are a few of the best ones compiled:


1. All Hyderabadi biryani fans, Unite!


2. Anduke antha fit unnaru mari


3. Areyyy.. Mana laage


4. Proud dad – Proud son


5. As simple as that


6. Script ante pampeyandi amma..


7. Such a lovely thing to say


8. Ayyy.. ayyy..


9. Super!


10. Hmm..


11. QnA kadhu idhi.. QnQ


12. Massss Marana Masss


13. Same sir, Same


14. Telidhu.. Telsithe first neeke chepta


15. Wah wah wah


16. Love you 3000


17. Goals


18. Gurthucheyakandi


19. Gautham babu..


20. Best thing to happen in 2020


21. Memu kuda excited


22. Leg day is the toughest ayya


23. Nani babu


24. Saaaachin Saaachin


25. Defending Jacob ah! Ok noted.


26. Cute names


27. Maanchi foodie


28. A good time with family


29. Okate line lo 2 soon lu unnai


30. Subtle mass


That was a nice QnA session. MB garu inka cheste baguntadi.


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