Mayank Agarwal, The Cricketer Who’s Reminding Us Of Vintage ‘Sehwag’


It’s 2010, New Zealand was hosting the 8th ‘Under 19 World Cup‘, India with the captain Ashok Menaria and his team tried hard to lift the cup.. Unfortunately we lost quarter final and ended up the journey of 2010 U19 WC. Our leading run scorer of that tournament was, Mayank Agarwal.



Cut chesthe..


2019 Indian test opener hitting back to back centuries. It took almost 10 years to achieve his dreams. 2010 lo India’s highest run scorer ayina Mayank ki 2019 lo chance vachindi, India ni represent chese avakasham kosam 10years kasta paddadu kabati ee chance ni thana rendu chethulatho use chesukunnadu…. South Africa tho test series, Double century kotti vaaram kuda kale, malli thana daina style century.


He can play as per Team requirement, He can Defend the ball, He can hit the ball. He is capable of gearing his innings, he finished his century with series of 6’s and a 4….thats our dashing opener Mayank for us….Thana innings lage thana journey kuda ups and downs untai… Though He made tons of runs in Ranji and vijay hazare trophies, It took him 10years to wear Indian Jersey.


Grand start.. But Poor IPL Performance


Most of the cricketers IPL lo bhaa score chesi Indian team lo place sampadistharu… Ee vishayaniki vasthe Mayank dhi different… His worst scoring tournament ante mundhu IPL ye gurthosthadi emo… Okka IPL thappa migatha anni Indian tournaments lo Mayank thana mark play chesadu. He debuted for RCB in IPL 2011, Thanu face chesina first ball ye six kotti, thana IPL carrier ni start chesadu… Ah ball delivery chesindi evaro kadhu the legendar spinner muthayya muralitharan. Dangerous opener Cries Gayle oka end lo unna mana Mayank dhe highest strike rate….



But em chestham thana team mates KL Rahul , Sandeep , Jayadev….present England Test Captain ayina Joe Root and Buttler Mayank tho U19 WC adinavare… vilandhariki chances vasthunna mayank ki mathram raledhu… Break thiskoni Fitness sadhinchadu… He again smashed the centuries and registered tons in scorecard. Karnataka ranji lo opener ga thana dhaina mark tho win chepinche vadu…


Call For WC19:


Kastaniki gelupu oatamulatho pani ledhu annatu… He got the call for World Cup 2019 squad, though it was unfortunate and complicated call from BCCI, He stood and waited for his chance to reply them all with his bat.

Now the time has arrived, we are witnessing the carrier best Mayank Agarwal.

All the best champ


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