13 Funniest Moments From ‘Mathu Vadalara’ That Took Madness To The Next Level


Mathu Vadalara is a recent madness that the Telugu youth is tripping on. A lot of people who haven’t watched it in theatres are regretting their decisions after watching the movie of Prime Video. So here we tried to compile some of the craziest scenes / references from this madness called, Mathu Vadalara.

P.S: This article contains spoilers & is of course for the people who’ve watched the movie. If you still haven’t watched the movie antha busy ga em chestunnaru ra ayya, Poi jaldi chudandi please and thank me later!


1. That totally unexpected ‘Adhi cheppu mundu gaadidhaa..’ moment

Also Sherlock & Samara Simha Reddy in a frame ah! Whatte wow


2. This ‘5 seconds lo Buddodiki drum pagilina’ moment

Aina door meedha ucha poyadam entra rey buddodaa galeez ga


3. Movie punyama ani kothaga nerchukunna Telugu padam..



4. Police odi power ento chupistaa..Nee anthu chusta

Nenu matladutunna kadaa..Nenu matladutunna kadaa..


5. Watching this ‘Baamma’ in this arachakam role on screen after a long long time

Bhai aaaa! Ye bhaaii ???


6. Only legends will remember the ringtone here.


7. Wow! What an interval shot!!

Asal ee cinema lo unna reference lu anni count cheste enni ostayooo..


8. This ‘Odiyamma idendayya idhi’ moment


9. Breaking Bad references in this movie deserves a separate special mention only


10. This ‘Man of steel’ climax fight reference..


11. This director’s crazy way of giving his own tribute to Megastar Chiru


12. Ikkada ah news channel peru matrame kakunda, Ah kinda scrollings lo captions gamaninchali andi meeru


13. And of course, The entire golden track of ‘Ori Na Kodaka’

Sun network kadhu.. Moon anta.. LOL

Ah background lo Mr Robot posters notice cheyali andoi..


Meeku ee cinema lo pichi pichi ga, mad ga nachina scene ento kinda comments lo cheppandi.


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