This Open Letter To Maniratnam Garu Shows Just How Much We Admire His Films!


Contributed By Sree Ramya Tallavajhula


“To the best storyteller I know,

Why are you adored like no other filmmaker?
I kept asking myself.


The butterflies, tears, goosebumps and warmth while watching your films – is the answer. But how do I put these things in words?

As my mind drowned in the countless reasons for my admiration and respect towards you, I managed to mention 3 golden points-

1. Your writing and characterization.
2. Your choice of music.
3. Unlike other movies where male and female audience get attracted to their opposite genders, you’ve made us fall in love with the people of our own genders.


You’ve made men go mad over Chandrakumar’s patience, Velu Naicker’s realisations, Surya’s loyalty, Deva’s sacrifice, Shekar’s love, Karthik’s innocence, Rishi Kumar’s patriotism, Thiruchelvan’s humanity and also Aadi’s journey towards finding the meaning of ‘forever’.


Coming to the women, undeniably the best part of your films, you’ve made us the cynosure of your stories. From Divya’s depression to Shakti’s misbelief, Subbalakshmi’s heartbreak to Roja’s courage, Saira Banu’s love to Indira Thiruchelvan’s motherhood, Meenu’s hopefulness to Tara’s difficulty in making a choice – you’ve made us feel all of it, without we even undergoing it.


Even the children. Can they ever forget Amudha and Anjali? No.

You have addressed the real issues too! Human trafficking, Terrorism, Religious differences, Lives of the Refugees, the Kashmiris, the unspoken realities of marriage and maybe many more.


Hoping for your magic to stay, your stories to play and your music to continue taking our breath away.

As we dearly call you – Mani Sir, Happy Birthday.♥️”


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