This Story Of Miss India 2020 Runner Up Manya Singh Is Filled With Honesty & Inspiration To Many Aspiring Women Out There

Contributed by Jayamaduri Dandu

Basically Miss India is not only about fair skin, beauty blah blah…Andham okate kadhamma it includes Confidence on stage, Introducing you, Walking infront of judges also it emphasises on personality traits, talent and intellegence too. It may look like glamour world or ramp walk but it actually tooks lots and lots of struggle and hardwork.

Andaru mana telugu amayi ‘Manasa varanasi’ gurinchi chuse untaru. She was crowned as the Winner of VLCC Femina Miss India World 2020. Coming to runner up ‘Manya Om Prakash Singh’ also made everyone proud even she did not bag the crown. Every phase of her life is an insipiration.

Manam idi varaku oka tv advertisement chusevalam that oka auto driver amayi vala nanna tho kalisi auto lo office ki vasthundi. And now this is somehow connected to Manya singh’s real life story.

Manya singh, Miss India Runner up and daughter of auto driver, shared her life story. Mana rashtram ah pakka rashtram ani teda lekunda chuskunte in my opinion top 3 vachinavalu winners ee. This girl stood second place and her story filled with lot of struggles. So tana gurinchi konchem teluskundham.

Manya singh, Uttar Pradesh ki chendhina oka autorickshaw driver kuthuru. Yes! Don’t judge a book by its cover anaru anduke. Ah stage ki veladaniki enno years hard work and inkeno sleepless nights chusindi. She opened up about the struggles she faced.

Her childhood in Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh wasn’t easy. Being a rickshaw driver’s daughter, she never had the opportunity to go to school. She started working since childhood.  Kanisam clothes kuda konaleni stage lo evaro use chesi ichina clothes veskunedhi. She have very strong desire for books but luck wasn’t in her favour.

Her eyes got rolled when she is saying “My mother suffered a lot to provide the basic needs. My parents mortgaged (Takattu) whatever little jewellery to pay exam fees for degree”. 14 years apude intlo nundi paripoyi and somehow tana studies ni complete cheskundi by doing dishwashing and working at call centre for night shifts. You know what, work place or college ki velali ante auto ki money save avthai ani she walked miles and miles daily.

She has struggles a lot in life till date. She always being neglected by her classmates. Tana school times lone language fluency rananduku, andhamga lenandhuku migatha school mates edipinchevalu. However, it was very difficult time in her life that helped her and pushed her towards her passion to work harder. So tanu ee VLCC Femina Miss india ne oka platform ga teskuni eno lakshala mandhiki inspiration avali anukundi. After all, “it is not easy to be a woman in Uttar Pradesh” , she said.

She believes that education is the strongest weapon one can have with themselves at all times. keeping this in mind, she is now preparing for further education in Management studies.

And today she is here uplifting her father, mother, young brother and show the world that everything is possible if you are commited to yourself and your dreams. Tanu edo andaru Miss India lu ayipondi dhenne choose cheskondi ani chepatledhu..she is conveying that if you dream to let it happen and if you work for will definitely happen today or tomorrow. She is just a combination of Blood, sweat, Tears in the courage to achieve the dream with no short cuts. Let’s make a clap and like to Manya Singh.

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