As Manu Is Out On Netflix, Here’s A Frame To Frame Breakdown Just From The Trailer


As Manu Is Finally Out On Netflix. Here’s A Frame To Frame Breakdown Just From The Trailer

Telugu Film Industry’s largest & fastest crowd funding film is finally out on Netflix.


And for those who haven’t watched the film yet. We don’t want to reveal by posting all the beautiful frames from the movie. So here are some beautiful frames from the trailer.

Trailer Breakdown By Raviteja Atikam.

A Telugu Twitterite Social Saint a.ka. Raviteja Atikam decoded the frames. Phanindra Narsetti Direct chesina ee movie Trailer ni chala baga observe chesi chala detailed ga shot by shot thana analysis ni, trailer chusaka thanaki vacchina questions ni Twitter lo post chesaru. Even the makers appreciated his effort. Its amazing have a read…


78 shots have been placed on Manu trailer’s timeline.


Manu throws a key. Remember the words “Existence, the only key. Key, the only existence” from one of the earlier posters of Manu. This key might unlock the mystery in the movie, but why is he throwing away? Is this Manu or someone else?


2. 3.

A very beautiful shot. Isometric shot, with Neela in the center. Why is she alone at sea? Depressed? Manu slowly raises his head, intense in his eyes, whom he listening to?


Blood slowly passes through IV. Whose blood was that? I think it might be Neela’s, but what happened to her is the point. (2. 3. 4) BG voice says an analogy of Earthworm and Fish, who is the earthworm and fish here? That BG voice sounds familiar, who’s that? I think Raviteja from Madhuram. No?


Slow zoom in; a room in ruins looks very old, with a broken door, something making a sound in an old can. Might be a rat, looks someone planned to capture a rat, but who placed it?


Manu looking something through a hole. Is he in search of something?


Low angle, background SKY; “Produced by THE CROWD”. This is an excellent way of telling that his (Phani) respect towards the CROWD has no limit, but the SKY limit. Manu walks with a can, was that the same can we watched in the shot 5? Why is he after the rats? Or it’s just a paint tin?


Akbar worries about the rats. A guy with a flyer that reads “To-LET Ms. NEELA YELLOW ORCHARD 201” and looks like he’s bleeding. What happened to him? And what is with the flyer? Looks like Neela is the owner of an apartment.


9. 10. 11.
Neela assuring the facilities of a flat to her new tenant Akbar. Was that flyer helped Akbar to reach Neela? “Presented by Nirvana Cinemas” what was that? Color mixing with the brush on a palette?


12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
Manu sneaks out from a room. Akbar snoring on a couch. Manu collects cigarette filters to make sure the room is clean and places in a dustbin. Why was he doing that? Remember the Neela’s dialogue in shot-11 where she requests Akbar to keep room clean, but why does Manu care? Interesting.


17. 18. 19. 20.
Akbar enquires his neighbor if there were thieves in the apartment. Why is he so terrified, because of those missing cigarette filters? A guy cleans his face, who is he?


21. 22. 23. 24. 25.
Akbar talks to Neela over a phone; we got the answer for the above shots. Akbar confirms that someone cleaning his stuff. But wait, why is Manu cleaning the stuff? Does Manu have an obsession for cleanliness; is he suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder? Is manu one of the tenants in the same apartment or an outsider? I still remember the Manu’s first poster which reads something like this “Pagalemo adbutha chitrakarudu, ratremo vintha chorudu”, now we know what kind of thief he is. Team Manu deleted all the earlier posters of Manu, only to keep the mystery alive?


26. 27.
Manu smiles in admiration of something, Neela lights the candles. Birthday candles? No, remember the Neela dialogue from teaser 1 “Inko rendu rojullo Deepavali vastundi”, so she might be lighting the Deepavali candles. Is she celebrating the festival along with Manu? Are they both fell in love with each other?


28. 29. 30.
My favorite shot; slow motion of Manu, where he looks back while walking in a street in the rain. Looks like more of an art! Neela writes a letter to Manu, remember the teaser 2 where Neela tries to write a letter on a type writer. BG voice; clearly tells us that she falls in love with Manu’s work, but will she fall for Manu?


31. 32.
Low angle; Manu carries something along with that old can. Is he going to capture the rats? This place looks very old; the room from shot-5 might be from this place. Manu runs through corridor, looks tense, is he looking for Neela or is he trying to save Neela? What happened to her?


33. 34. 35. 36.
While Neela is reading the news paper, Manu secretly admiring her from the background in a coffee shop. Was he stalking her? Neela throws drink at Manu; looks like they both come out for a date, but why was she angry, what did Manu ask her?


37. 38. 39. 40.
Bald eagle takes off, followed by Akbar asks Neela for a coffee at his place. Is there any subtext behind the shot-37 here? Yes, remember the Earth worm and Fish analogy from the shot-4; if Akbar is a bald eagle then Neela might be a fish here. Akbar is going to do something bad to Neela, just like how eagle attacks fish from the sky. Neela falls in a trap of Akbar; she goes to his flat and takes the coffee that he offers.


Neela sips the coffee. I’ve been waiting for this, Credits: “From PHANINDRA NARISETTI”, on a coffee. Why on coffee? Madhuram. This is so simple, yet powerful.


Akbar slowly moves towards Neela to drug her using a hand kerchief, why is he doing so?


45 to 60.
Manu stops and looks at the door as he heard something, Neela goes unconscious, akbar takes her to bed room, Manu watching all these through a key hole, was Akbar trying to rape Neela? Neela horridly opens the door; looks tense and mysterious. This is the best expression of Chandini so far. May be Neela, Manu and Akbar was talking about these 45 to 60 shots from past few days.


61 to 76.
Love: A rose and a small gift-box, we have seen these in teaser 2. These Might be surprise gift to Manu from Neela. But wait, was that POV shot? Who’s in such drowsy?


Loneliness: Long shot; Neela at sea, we got the answer for the shot-2. But what made her to feel so lonely?


Desire: Manu and Neela come out for a date. Is Neela the one who asks Manu for a date? What she wants from Manu? What‘s her desire? A love from Manu is her desire or is there
anything else?


Hunt: Manu cuts for hunting something, something that helps Neela? Or is he searching for someone?


Pain: Looks dope. What happened to Neela? What’s her pain? Is she suffering from a mental disorder? Or is she a drug addictive?


Obsession: Manu on a chair; remember the scene from teaser 1 where Manu obsessively thinking something. What’s his obsession? Is saving Neela his obsession?


Paranoia: Dolly in towards Akbar; Paranoia is a delusional disorder, when irrational thoughts and beliefs so fixed that nothing (include contrary evidence) can convince a person that what they think or feel is not true. Is Neela suffering from Paranoia? Is this the reason behind her pain and loneliness? Were all those 45 to 60 scenes nothing but just a
delusion of Neela? This is mind-freaking.


Passion: Another favorite shot. Diagonal tilt; Look at her eyes that say everything about her passion towards the science. Remember the character poster of Neela; “A perfect balance of science and art, emotion and creativity”. But what is she trying to take, a drug? A drug that made her suffer delusional disorder or is she trying to overcome from the pain of that disorder?


Saga: Manu “alks thorough the rocks; A saga of Manu in search of solution for Neela’s pain. Will he achieve?


Longing: A tenant from Neela’s apartment; Looks tense, “as she worried about Neela?


Madness: Manu madly laughs; to achieve something impossible one should have madness. Was he mad at something unachievable, in-order to save Neela?


Chaos: In a bar where we previously seen Manu and Neela together. A fast cut, not many people notice it; Manu hits Akbar, and the guy who was with flyer in shot 8, but why is he hitting them? Did they do anything wrong to Neela? After going through all the visuals I believe Manu is a periodic story which happened before 1990. If so, what’s plasma Tv doing here?


Tactic: Another character Raviteja from Madhuram, whom he’s talking to, Manu? Yes, looks like this is the important character in Manu, who helps Manu to save Neela? What is he
saying? Remember the BG voice from 2. 3. 4 – shots, analogy of fish and earthworm; is he explaining this to Manu? Is he giving any plan/ strategy to Manu to save Neela?


Bizarre: Neela shocks seeing something, Mann in background. Something that’s unusual and strange? Might be the moment of realization of her disorder? This might be Manu’s room, but why is he living in underground and such closed room? I observe Manu wears only black throughout the movie, only to depict he’s lonely too just like Neela?


Insanity: Manu finds injection in Neela’s room. Is Neela taking those to get relax from the pain she suffers or is she addictive to any drug?


Say ‘Hi’ to Music Director, Naresh Kumaran, his magic started from the shot 61 already; that haunting background score, goosebumpy.



Title and Billing credits; for all the excellent people who tried to make Independent cinema proud.


Manu takes back the key which he throws before. Remember the character poster of Manu, “Lover, lock-collector & an amazing Artist”. He’s a lock collector; he just can’t miss any key. But wait, why is he limping here? Is this really Manu? Hell, no! Remember the guy from teaser 1, who lights the cigarette? Yes, he’s the same guy who’s picking the key here. Looks like he’s a thief (probably) in the movie.


Trailer ends where it all started. Are they followed the same concept in movie; Movie ends where it started?


You can watch the Trailer Here


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