Everything We Know About The Manikarnika’s Director Credit Controversy


If you’ve been following the news lately, you probably know about the ‘Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi‘ director-credits controversy. Director Krish Jagarlamudi has stayed calm till the film released, just to see how it came out, and how many changes have been made to what he has made, and spoke out openly to the media.

What Happened According to Director Krish:

How much of the film has he directed?

‘I’d say more than 70 per cent is mine. I remained quite until the release for the sake of the film and for the entire team which worked so hard on the film. But now if I don’t speak, I’d be doing a disservice to all our hard work. What I directed was pure gold, Kangana turned it into silver.’ Krish said in an interview.


Why did he leave when the film was on the verge of completion?

‘Everytime I’m asked this question, my heart sinks to the ground. I did not leave the film incomplete. I shot Manikarnika for 109 days, And moved to my other commitment, The NTR biopic, only after finishing the dubbing and post production. Everyone has dubbed except Kangana.’ Krish said in an interview.


Where did the problem start?

After I left, Kangana decided to re-shoot Sonu Sood’s entire portion. I remember when she saw the first cut, the first thing she said even before praising the film was, ‘Sonu Sood is too overpowering na?‘ Because as an antagonist Sonu Sood was very strong. That’s how we had designed the film.

Sonu Sood was part of the shoot, for 40-45 days, under Krish’s direction. All of it was cut-off and replaced by actor ‘Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub’ and was shot in just 4-5 days under Kangana’s direction, according to Sonu Sood.


After the release, Kanagana hasn’t spoke out anything about this issue, but however before the release, she answer this question to media:


This is not the first time this kinda credit controversy is with Kangana’s film. Previously, her film ‘Simran‘ also had same kind of controversy. ‘Simran’s’ writer, Apurva Asrani, had also dealt with same kinda credits issue with her and the director of the film. In fact, after Manikarnika’s release he came out in support of Director Krish.


Director Krish hasn’t stopped from his side and had uploaded a few chat screenshots with the members of Team Manikarnika:

This was his reply to Kangana’s sister:






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