You’ve got to try these Mangoes from the Telugu States this Summer!


56% of worldwide production of mangoes comes from India. In the 1000+ varieties of mangoes that exist in the world over 500 are cultivated in India. With such a rich background of mangoes, our Telugu states too have some very special types of mangoes that we must surely try out.
Okay, now we are sure you are familiar with most of these obviously because we love our mangoes so much but if you are not, then wait not and give them a shot this summer!

You might find a new favourite!

1) Banganapalli: Named after the place it majorly comes from, Banganapalli Mangoes are the most sought after type of Mango in all of India. They’re sizably the biggest type of mangoes in India.

Bang 15


Image Source: The Hindu

2) Collector Mamidi: So when you are hanging out in the holidays, these are those sweet-sour Mangoes topped with salt and red chilli powder that you munch away.



Image Source: Novertur

3) Cherukurasam: Insanely sweet for those with a sweet tooth. No wonder it gets its name from the translation of sugarcane.

Image: Sri Siva Parvathi Nursery

4) Himayuddin: This type was developed in the Nizam’s kingdom in Machilipatnam and then migrated to Tiruchirapalli after finally being taken over by the Vijayanagaram Kingdom. Talk about rich history.



Image Source: The Hindu

5) Suvarnarekha: Such a beautiful name, and an equally beautiful fruit. It’s known to be extremely tasty.



Image Source: The Hindu

6) Neelam: Particularly famous in Hyderabad, this type runs throughout the peak-time summer.



Image Source: Trade India

7) Panchadara Kalasa: Known for its distinct sugary sweet taste, this one is found mostly in the coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh.

Image: Sri Siva Parvathi Nursery

8) Nujiveedu Rasalu: Specifically known for the juice it yields, Nujiveedu rasalu are just extraordinary. Its juices are squeezed out and stored to use after the summer.


Image Source: Fruits of King

9) Kobbari Mamidi: These look like a green coconut had a baby with a normal sized mango. And yes the taste is like that too!


Image Source: The Hindu


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