Meet Malleshwar Rao, A Covid Hero Helping People In Need In These Hard Times

Covid times has brought a lot of humanity to light. From Sonu Sood to every person next door who has the privilege of helping the one in need, we’ve seen a lot of those gems. We very proudly call them the Covid Heroes. Today’s article is about one of those covid heroes, who has gone out of their way to help the ones in need of treatment, food, and everything else.

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Malleshwar Rao, a 27-year-old Hyderabadi. Kashtallo unna vallake vere valla kashtalu ardham avthai ani antaru. It is the same with Malleshwar as well. He knew struggle at a very early age. Chinnapudu Nagpur lo unna valla illu inka property ammesi, Nizamabad ki shift aipoyaaru. Its been hard to earn money, buy food for the family and get a living in the city for them. He himself was a child laborer.

This is how once a child labourer Malleshwar Rao, today, is trying to make  the world a better place- Edexlive

“Only if my father got work during the day would we get food at night. And during festivals, he would have no work at all. So while the whole world would be feasting, we would be fasting,” Malleshwar says.

Nausheen Khan on Twitter: "Malleshwar Rao, #Hyderabad techie deserves a  round of applause for feeding 2000 poor people everyday for 9yrs? As a  founder of 'Don't Waste Food' he & his group

Functions lo, hostels lo, PG’s lo, waste aina food ni panchadam was the thing that he started with. He even worked as a waiter in a hotel. First lo okkade start chesina, many IT employees and students joined him later on. 2012 lo ‘Don’t Waste Food Initiative’ start chesi rojuki 2000 people ki food supply chesevaru.

Malleshwar Rao

Covid times lo lockdown 1 lo oka travel company 25 cars food distribution ki ivvadam tho, rojuki 2000 meals distribute cheyyadam jarigindhi. Mundhu hotels inka events lo waste aina food iche vaaru, but later people called him and donated money and food for the needy. Facebook dwara chala connections perigi, donations kuda perigaayi.

Malleshwar Rao

And then lockdown 2 he provided oxygen cylinders, PPE kits, and also did last rites for the people who had died due to COVID. He wishes on buying an ambulance soon to help more people in need.

Telangana techie Malleshdwar Rao feeds 2000 underprivileged daily

Not only does he help people on the streets but also Malleshwar and his group helps patients in government hospitals, and other public places. Migrant workers ki food supply cheyyadamu, city outskirts ki velli food ivvadam and a lot of help was provided through his team.

Malleshwar Rao

His work and will of helping had been appreciated too. His has won:

Indian Youth Icon 2018

Rashtriya Gaurav Award 2019

Son of the Soil Award 2019

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The appreciations are of course a push to do more good.

He says this work gives him immense satisfaction and not a day goes by without helping the ones in need. We are so proud of all the help you’ve done sir.

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