Watch The Team Of 24 Bring The Spectacularly Intense “Athreya” To Life!

24! The blockbuster film that everyone’s been talking about nowadays, is a visual treat. Much has been said about the story, narration and the performances in the film. Suriya, who played three different characters managed to pull them off with panache. Particularly, his portrayal of “Athreya” was a treat to watch. Determined, Visceral and in-your-face, Athreya is everything that you wish to see in an antagonist. The amount of effort that was put behind-the-scenes to bring Athreya to life was fascinating to watch. Athreya is definitely more than just make-up. Athreya is an attitude that none other than Suriya could have pulled off with such ease.
Watch the Making of Athreya. Kudos to Suriya, Vikram K Kumar and all the technicians involved.



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