Everything You Need To Know About How The Delicious Aathreyapuram Pootharekulu Are Made!


The Godavari Districts are literally “The Sweet Capital” of Andhra Pradesh as it is the home of authentic luscious puds like “Kakinada Kaja”, “Tapeswaram Kaja” and “Aathreyapuram Pootharekulu”. We spoke a lot about “Kakinada kaja and Tapeswaram kaja, it’s the time to know more about finger licking pootharekulu from Aathreyapuram.

Aathreyapuram, which is 35 kms away from Rajahmundry, in the middle of green fields on the bank of river Godavari has become famous for its “Pootharekulu” which is exported to other places of India and sometimes even foreign countries too.

The Pootharekulu are made up of a special variety of rice called “Jaya Rice” and with the help of powdered sugar, Ghee. The making of Pootharekulu is a long time-taking process and only skilled people made it. If making Pootharekulu is an art, then people of Aathreyapuram are Picasso of it.

Most of the houses have boards with “Pootharekulu Ammabadanu” in this little town. Thousands of women here are busy in making Pootharekulu. People really have no idea who invented Pootharekulu, but a popular tale in circulation is that “One old lady after making rice, had come up with an idea with leftover starch and added sugar and ghee” which is turn became the delicious pootharekulu that we eat today…

The village has totally become a cottage industry, with almost every household engaged in making this delicacy. On average, each person makes about 500 pootharekulu wrappers. Frankly, compared to the prices at which these sweets are sold, is nothing compared to the effort that was put into making it. Check out this small video that will show you the process of preparing delicious ‘Pootharekulu’.


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