7 Major Indian Banking Apps Are Reportedly Infected With Malware – Can We Panic Now?


Igo All Mobile Banking Viniyogadarulara, Cheptunna Kada Jagrathaga Vinandi lekapothe Bokka Padathadi malla Tala Pattukune Daaka Techukokandi….

Tension padadaniki em ledu, cheppinattu follow avvandi ika meeru, mee Bank accountla money rendu safe ga untaai. Em le bhayya, Mana desham baagupadythundani prapancham mottam telsipoyindi. So Hackers oorike undaru ga bhayya… ekkada Loop Hole dorukuthada ani choosthu untaaru. Finally they zeroed in on India.

Idhe aah Malware anukuntunnara? Ikkade Chai lo Chekodi vesaru…. endukantha tension? cheptha kada…. ago Silent ga Kurcho Chai aur Bisket teesko…. inka Cool ga chaduvu.

FireEye is a worldwide Cyber Security Firewall Company inka edi anni Govt. and Banking Websites ki Security isthadi. Mari eellem peekuthunnaaru vaallu Malware inject cheste anukuntunnra..? Vaalle bhayya ippudu ee vishayam cheppindi, endukantha kangaaru…? Cheppindi sakkaga vinocchuga…?

“Vishal Raman”, FireEye Head from India, informs us that 7 Major Banks, not Small Scale Banks all the 7 are Major Indian bank, have been infected by some Malware and aa Bank Names bayataki disclose cheyyatledhu, endukante already aa Banks ki notifications vellai so bayata telisthe Banks reputation pothundi ani reveal cheyyaledu.

The hackers reportedly have targetted sensitive information and user credentials from possible victims, which runs to the tune of $100 Million.

“Bugat and Webinjects”

Ive aa bhayankaramaina profiles. Ee situation lo FireEye is suggesting us to not click on any Pop-Ups while using Banking Applications and Digital Wallets and konni rojulu porn sites kuda open cheyyoddu ekkuva Malware Profiles porn sites nunchi inject avtaayi ani chepthunnaru.

Bugat idhoka bhayamkaramaina virus. Idi Banking Application and Web Applications lo meeru use chese credentials ante Username and Passwords anni copy cheskuntundi.



Webinjects Idhe Bugat ki permission isthundi. Webinjects actual ga mana screen ne record cheskuntundi ante mana display lo em kanipistundo antha record ayyi Bugat ki User credentials ni pampistundi.

Web Injects Are Infecting Banking Portals Safeguard your PC and data with Antivirus Pro.


Matter entante, bhayapadalsina avasaram ledu, already banks anni work chestunnai ee issue ni resolve cheyyadaniki. Kaani hackers bankers kanna fast… so meeru kooda konchem safe ga handle cheyyandi mee Phones ni ae Web site lo aina Pop ups vachinappudu avoid cheyyandi.


Main Target of these hackers are large organisations and Internet Banking Users and Lucrative Companies and Wallets. You need to be safe while making transactions and adding money to wallets like Paytm, Mobikwik and BMS and many more.

In some cases, a message is displayed that encourages users to download a malicious application, under the guise of installing a personal security certificate for their cell phone SIM card or in some cases while downloading songs from some sites or some time while you download apk files, a Malicious message will be displayed that says, “Your phone software is out dated. Please update your device to get more access.” Please avoid these type of pop ups shown while using any Browser application.

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