India’s Youngest Commercial Pilot: Meet 19 Year Old, Farmer’s Daughter, Maitri Patel

Aeroplanes ante evarki istam undadhu chepandi, but manaki entha istam unna idi mana cup of tea kadhu ra ani ah field ni career ga thiskomu, mari ika life lo em chedham ra ani manam alochinchukone 19 years age lo Maitri Patel mathram record create chesindi.. Yes, she became India’s youngest commercial pilot.

Farmer daughter, Pilot @ 19

Gujarat loni Surat nunchi vachina mana Maitri Patel 19 years ke pilot ayi record create chesindi, her father Kantilal Patel is a farmer in the Olpad area and her mother works in the health department of Surat Municipal Corporation.

Her father desires to see his daughter fly a plane.

Maitri father Kantilal Patel gariki aeroplanes ante istam, chala sarlu planes take off and land avvadam chusthu thana daughter maitri kuda ilane world motham plane lo fly cheyali ani korukune vaaru, even Maitri ki kuda planes ante istam undadam tho thana 7th class lo ne pilot avvalani ni decide ayindi..

It was not easy for Kantilal to fulfil his dream of seeing his daughter as a pilot. Financial ga kuda anthala strong lekapovadam tho thana land ni kontha ammesi Maitri ki US lo flight training ipincharu..

Completed the course in just 11 months.

General ga aythe commercial flight training duration 18 months, chala kontha mandi mathrame ee 18 months lo training complete cheyagalugutharu, but Maitri mathram ah 18 months training ni just 11 months lo complete chesi record create chesindi.

Maitri now wants to go further and become a captain and wants to fly a Boeing aircraft for which she will begin her training soon.

Dream come true moment.

Maitri said to a report that.. “Naa training 11 months lone complete cheskoni maa father ni US ki pilichanu, ikkada 3500 feet altitude lo plane ni fly chesi chupinchanu.. Nenu 8 years unnapudu first time flight ni chusindi inka gurthundi, exact 11 years tharvatha nenu ippudu India lone youngest commercial pilot at age of 19, it was like a dream come true for me.. “

Sky High Dreams

Maitri Patel has proved that she can face poverty, hardships, challenges, and obstacles before perseverance, now she is an ideal role model for millions of girls to achieve their dreams.

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