Here Are Some Of The Smartest Replies From Mahesh Babu’s AMA On His FB


Heroes tama fans tho interact avvadaaniki Social media is becoming great platform. Chat session live session pettadam fans nundi feedback teeskovadam inthakumundu kanna chaala easy avthondi. Recent ga fb lo mahesh babu garu oka chat session chesaru . So andhulo ichina konni cute-uu , sweet–uu smart–u replies ni select chesi , ah compilation ni e article add cheyyadam jarigindhi. So lets check them out .


1. Cutest:


2. Smartest:


3. Honest:


4. Of course it might be the Most common question:


5. The Life mantra :


6. Lovliest


7. Sweetest:


8. Coolest:


9. Manaki nachindhi rende rendu ..okati cinemalu , rendu cricket


10. Massest:


Inkemaina interesting replies unte , do share with us in comments .

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