This Is Where Mahesh Babu Spends His Time Between Shots During Film Shooting!

So watching Mahesh Babu in general is a feast to the eyes. But then we realized there’s more about the actor’s life that is incredibly breath-taking besides well… him. We often don’t get to see a whole side of our stars’ lives. Things like, how they are with the crew at the sets. What do they do when they aren’t working or in front of the camera. How they spend holidays, how luxurious their houses are etc. you know?
And we came across one small peek into that life of the Superstar. The personal vanity van which he uses during his shoots. This amazing vehicle has been custom-designed by DC, a premium automotive design company. And if it is not the epitome of luxury then I don’t know what is! We bet you’ll think the same! Take a look!

Source: NTV Telugu

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