Mahesh Babu’s Reply To A 6th Class Student’s ‘Fan-Letter’ Is Winning Hearts Over Internet!


Who would expect that a small school activity given by your school teacher would bring a smile on your favourite actor’s face? Living in this world of internet, have you even thought of writing a letter by post to your favourite actor?

Film actors often find themselves so busy that they barely have time for fans. They know that it is these fans who have made them who they are today and always try to give them back some love whenever an opportunity strikes. Well, we’ve all been there, done that – Messaging our favourite actor on social media and expecting a reply.

But today, Mahesh Babu received a special letter from a fan all the way from the US and its story will definitely bring a smile on your face.

Neha Sanampudi, a 6th grade student of Ridge Middle school of Virginia, USA has written a letter to Mahesh as a part of her school activity which asks every student to write a letter to their favourite celebrity. In her letter, the girl introduces herself and lists her hobbies before telling him that she is his biggest fan. She went on to say that she’s watched every movie of the actor, besides telling him that he is her inspiration as well. The sweet part of the letter arrives when Neha mentions that she finds Mahesh’s son and daughter very cute and adds that her favourite movie is “Srimanthudu”. She ends the letter expecting a reply from the actor saying that “it would truly be an honor”.

And yes.. the letter didn’t go unnoticed. The actor did reply back saying that he was pleasantly surprised to receive a letter sent by post in this world of internet and mails. He took to Instagram to share the letter and even ended it with a note saying “You will receive a reply in ur postbox as well”. Now, that’s even more sweet..Isn’t it?

This also tells us why letters by post are always special than those sent over mails or chats. A small school activity that connected two people – situated thousands of kms away – and this lovely gesture by our favourite actor is the reason why we are all smiling to it!


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