Impressed By The Development, Maharashtra Farmers Want Their Villages Integrated Into Telangana!


Maharashtra Farmers in the adjoining areas of Telangana have given up on their government, after their demands for waiver of farm loans and power bills have gone vain. The agriculture in Maharashtra is badly hit due to droughts, inadequate pricing policies and poor water management. Crops have been destroyed on a large scale due to unpredictable weather and poor rainfall. The worsening agriculture crisis in the state has provoked farmers, who have been asking their government for help for years and they feel that nothing is going their way. They tried everything – from requesting their government to calling for strikes and blocking the highways. However, their fate is still unchanged.

Recently, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao grabbed the attention of every farmer in the country with his newly introduced farmer investment subsidy scheme – Rythu Bandhu. It is a first-of-its-kind agriculture scheme that will benefit farmers. As per the scheme, the government gives Rs 4,000 per acre to the farmer before the crop as investment. It is said that a total of 57.33 lakh farmers will benefit from the scheme as it will help them in buying pesticides and other materials necessary for agriculture. The government has already distributed the land passbooks through Revenue and other departments. The government plans to spend Rs 12,000 crore every year under this scheme by providing financial assistance of Rs 8,000 for two crops each year.

KCR earned praise from the distressed Maharashtra farmers living in the villages bordering Telangana. They now want their villages to be integrated into Telangana so that they too could avail the benefit. Impressed by the ‘farmer friendly’ nature of Telangana government, a forum of sarpanches – Sarpanch Sanghatan Dharmabad, comprising sarpanches from 40 villages from Nanded district, shared their ordeal over the poor farmer policies in Maharashtra and expressed their wish to be integrated into Telangana. The farmers gave a representation to Nizamabad MLA Goverdhan Baji Reddy sharing their admiration for the Telangana CM and made an appeal to include them in the state. “No state government in last 70 years has helped us or provided any infrastructure. Hence, we submitted our proposal for induction in Telangana to the TRS MLA,” said Baburao Kadam, a sarpanch representing the ‘hopeless’ farmers. Surprisingly, the local MLA representing the distressed farmers support their demand of being inducted into the Telangana.

KTR, who recently participated in the Rythu Bandhu program in Illanthakunta, had said, “Four years ago, nobody cared about the peasants but now Telangana is the state which supplies 24 hours electricity to farmers. KTR further said, “After 86 years, KCR is the leader who is clearing the land records by distributing new Pattadar passbooks to 60 lakh farmers. The previous government struggled to give a pension of Rs 200 but the Telangana government is giving a pension of Rs 1000.” He took to Twitter to share the news and termed it as a unique compliment for the state for its expeditious development. It will be interesting to see what the government’s stand will be on this case.

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