8 Mind Blowing Facts About ‘Mahanati’ Costumes That You Had No Idea About!


For people who have watched Mahanati, its a feast for eyes. No doubt in that. Be it the era that we got transcended into, be it 60’s, 70’s vibe. Everything about the movie was just vintage and classic that was never told before. A lot of hard work went behind to bring this life like picture to us.

One such department that needs to be appreciated is the Costumes. With such huge cast ensemble, it gets very difficult to manage to design the costumes for everyone. The movie is also a journey ranging from the beginning of her life to the very end, the variation in her costumes must be appreciated. Here are a few amazing facts about the team and their efforts that went behind.


1. 100 Artisans took over 1 year to make the costumes of Mahanti.


2. The man who lead the team, Gaurang Shah. Although he has previously worked for previous fashion and ramp walk projects. This is his debut film. Him along with Archana Rao led the team.


3. The team delved into Savitri’s past, interacted with many people and did a complete research to get to know more about her.


4. Just the weaving, coloring, texturing of the costumes itself took over a year.


5. To understand the texture of that time, and exactly recreate it. The team also traveled to various museums.


6. More 100 local artists from various places got together and handcrafted the block prints onto silk fabrics that were brought from Benaras, Kota, kanchipuram and various parts of our country.


7. The costumes had to look both radiant and simple yet the same time, since Savitri garu was all about simplicity and grandeur.


8. One of the difficulties was, Variation of costumes in her journey was supposed to be shown right from her childhood till the very end.


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