This Brilliant Interview Of Madhavan Is A Proof That The Actor Is Basically A Film Library!


There are very few celeb interviews that really hit a chord with the audience. One of those in the recent times is film critic Baradwaj Rangan‘s interview with actor R. Madhavan a.k.a. Maddy. In the interview, Maddy talks about his 20-year-old film career and discusses opting for quality over quantity, and his biggest reality check. He also speaks about ‘Savyasachi‘, his first ever direct Telugu film. He even shares his experiences of working with Mani Ratnam, Anand L Rai, Rituparno Ghosh, Kamal Haasan and Rajkumar Hirani. Well, the video is not as simple and plain as we mention about it here. The sheer brilliance lies in where Maddy’s every point has a larger than life message in it. The interview metaphorically talks about life lessons one can learn over time and experience. It is also so useful for aspiring filmmakers, actors and or anyone related to the field of cinema.
Here are few best highlights from the interview:

The actor’s motto on planning and preparing is a brilliant take away that. “Life cannot be planned to perfection. All we need to do is be prepared and when the opportunity presents itself.. capitalise on it..”

Comfort zone:
“Get out of your comfort zone if you have a serious goal and want to make something big in life..”

Controlled Free Fall :
This part of the interview, i should say, is the best one. The actor says that – at a point in his life, he felt that he was losing the interest in films. That is when he decided to go for a “controlled free fall” i.e. falling into a state to get the feel of nervousness and zeal to bounce back.. He stopped endorsements, stopped making movies just to see if he can get the hunger and insecurity back, which the actor says “ did…”

The actor said, “If you are on a spree of hits, and you do one film – for the sake of friendship or money ..that brings you down & suddenly ur whole market values goes down…” It has a message that says, no matter how good you are in your work, always keep your professional side away from personal commitments.

Do things for yourself:
After ‘Alai Payuthey (Sakhi)’, Maddy said he kinda got carried away by people and their opinions. He started accepting every script that came his way and did movies based on what people used to tell him. However, there came a point where his survival instinct told him that “.. these kind of stories are what others think you can do.. but Minnale (Cheli) is the movie.. i think i should do for myself..”

The actor later went on to talk about the acceptance levels of our audience. “Our audience are far more intelligent.. more than the makers.. people today are able to engage actors on level of intelligence and awareness…” Talking about Piracy, Maddy opined that no matter what, if the movie is screen-worthy, people will definitely come to theatres to watch the movie, while citing “Baahubali”, “Sairat”, “Vikram Vedha” as few examples. He ended the talk with ‘Fear for survival’, saying “I drive in a better car, live in a better hosue, after 20 years of my journey as an actor.. the fear for survival today is far more than what it was during the initial days of my career..”

His knowledge about the market and willingness to adapt is commendable. Get to see the candid and best side of Madhavan in this interview:



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