Things To Know About Macro Photography & Some Stunning Macro Pictures


Photography is an ocean. You need to deep dive into many aspects if you want to learn and understand Photography. One of such aspects in photography is Macro Photography. Let’s discuss about this today:

What is Macro Photography?
Macro photography is close-up photography of small subjects. It is believed that the Macro photography is initially started as a scientific research to capture tiny objects (By attaching Microscopes to Camera). I am sure most of us would relate to the movie Eega directed by SS Rajamouli. In this case, the subjects will be very close to the Camera lens.


Thanks to technology, we have advanced macro gear both for Cameras and Mobile Phones these days. Even though you have appropriate gear, mastering Macro photography is very difficult. Clicking Macro shots is a very complex and time taking process. Most importantly, it requires a lot of patience. Getting close to moving subjects like insects without disturbing them is itself a pain. If getting close is one thing, maintaining the details in those pictures is another thing to take care of. But most of the macro photographers are very passionate and possess great patience. Cheers to all such brilliant photographers.

Few Tips to Master Macro Photography:
Get as close as you can to the subject without loosing details
Try to use the best lens which is in your budget
Keep your eyes open all the time, keep observing
Use wider aperture and be parallel to the subject
Don’t shake your hands while clicking😝
Be patient and build up a perspective
Never stop clicking

Let’s visit few stunning macro pictures and their respective photographers from our Telugu states:


1. Peteri Prashanth
Prashanth takes Macro photography as a serious hobby. He is based out of Hyderabad and has been into Photography for 6 years now. He has also conducted a few Macro Photo walks. Besides photography, he works in Manufacturing Industry.
Gear used: Canon 5DMarkiii + Canon MP-E65
Canon 60d with 18-55mm (reversed lens)
Instagram: peteri_prashanth


2. Durga Shankar
Shankar is a Part time photographer based out of Hyderabad. He works as an IT Analyst in an MNC and is clicking Macro shots from the last three years. Speciality about Shankar is that he clicks all these beautiful pictures using his Mobile and an external Macro lens. And he also works as Content Creator for Redmi Mobiles India Page.
Gear used: Redmi K20 Pro with Prosumer Glow V2 Macro Lens
Instagram: shannu_pixels
The below star shaped butterfly eggs were discovered for the first time in India and is registered on his name.


3. Penjuri Venkatesh
Venkatesh is from Hyderabad and works as software engineer in Bangalore. He is into Macro photography from the last 7 years and he loves to capture the beauty of tiny universe around us. Some mind blowing insects pictures on his feed.
Gear used: Nikon D7200 + Tamron 90mm macro lens
Instagram: venkatesh.penjuri


4. Pamarthi Lokesh
Lokesh works as an Assistant Store manager in retail sector in Eluru and that doesn’t stop him from clicking some beautiful macro shots. He is capturing most detailed macro shots from the last 4 years.
Gear used: Canon 5DMark4 with macro kit
Instagram: pamarthilokesh


5. Kanakaboina Srikanth
Srikanth is based out of Hyderabad and is very passionate about capturing insects in particular. He is a Part time photographer and works as a Software developer in one of the MNC’s. All his macro pictures leaves us in Aweee!
Gear used: Canon 6D + Tokino 100mm Lens
Instagram: kanakaboina.srikanth


6. Sumanth Varma
Sumanth who is born and brought up in Hyderabad works as a Civil Contractor and is very much into Photography. He is capturing the tiny world using his Mobile and an external macro lens from the last 18 months.
Gear used: MI Poco F1 with external macro lens of Apexel
Instagram: sv_macrographer


7. Srinivas Thiruvattur
Hailing from Anantapur, Srinivas works as software engineer in Bangalore. Srinivas clicks most of the Macros with Kit lens (Reverse Ring), but he never misses those tiny details. All his Macro shots are worth visiting and you will not stop admiring!
Gear used: NIKON D5300+18-55mm+REVERSE RING
Instagram: srinivas_thiruvattur


Interestingly, all of them are Part time photographers. This shows how committed they are. Hope you have seen/learnt something new today. This article is primarily written for beginners to understand what Macro photography is. To all the experts out there, let us know more about Macro photography and photographers in the comments section. I will come up with more topics on Photography soon. Cheers!


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