We Bet You’ve Never Seen Machilipatnam Like This Before!

Machilipatnam is the land where foreigners first landed on India’s East coast. The town has existed since the 3rd century BCE (Satavahana period) when, according to Ptolemy, it was known as Maisolos. Later on it came to be known as Masulipatanam and later Machilipatnam . It has a rich history, with many Buddhist sites and even Kuchipudi dance originating from the nearby town Kuchipudi. Such a historical town is now being showcased in an ultra-modern way, on drone! What are you waiting for? Go watch, go!


MYO_Trailer 1Here Goes the First Official Trailer Of Our Prestigious Project Machilipatnam Youth Organisation ….MACHILIPATNAM TRAILER 01 #MACHILIPATNAMYOUTHORGANIZATION#TEJAKONDAPALLI#FIRSTVISUALARTWORKONMACHILIPATNAMNOTE:- Watch It On BIG SCREENS and HIGH QUALITY MODELIKE AND SHARE The Hidden Beauty of Our Hometown!HD LINK: https://youtu.be/trRaVcZGt_c

Posted by Teja Kondapalli on Wednesday, 11 November 2015


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