This Brilliant Short Film Shows Us The Raw & Emotional Side of Mother – Daughter Relationship!


If there’s one short film that everyone’s talking about, it’s is MAA. After a stupendous success in Tamil, the short film has been released in Telugu (dubbed version) and like its original, there’s no stopping to this brilliant piece of art. MAA revolves around ‘teenage pregnancy’ and centres on the raw relationship between a mother and her daughter. What does teenage pregnancy do to a girl and her family is the subject of Maa, directed by Sarjun KM, starring Anikha and Kani Kusrut. The film has been produced by ace director Gautam Menon.

The story is about a 10th class girl, who skips her period only to realise later that she is pregnant. She confesses the same to her mother; who, of course, is shattered. After a ride of dark emotions, she tells what her daughter has to hear at that moment (“Mom is there for you).” The things that follow, make for a gripping and earnest drama. The film talks about the need for proper sex education and the need for a sensible conversation about love and sex. Check out the video in case you haven’t:



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