Love, Caring and Charming- Why Ladies Love Men Of Maniratnam Movies

Here comes the man of art and love. ‘Mani sir!!-The man with vision’. Mani sir never shows roles like male domination or female domination, he will focus on both and give both gender roles an equal importance. He moulds the characters so well that at the end, the audience falls in love and live in the characters.

Here are some major characteristics of Mani sir’s leading male characters:

  • They are men of both words and actions. When they say something, they really mean it. When they make a promise, for sure they will follow it.
  • They are like chocolate boys. Will be talkative with intense craziness and sweet gestures.
  • Most of their love stories will be love at first sight. As he sees her, he will fix in his heart that “She is the one” for him.
  • They’ll keep on trying and pouring their heart out, expressing their love until the girl of their dreams, accepts it.
  • They will have their own passion and dreams. They will never fail to do it/ achieve it. They were so involved and committed to their job.
  • He may be a boy who had many girl friends earlier but once he fixes him to one, there is no other thoughts. He won’t leave her or let her go.
  • They won’t be just a young guy who roams the streets for a daily living. They all will have certain responsibilities and duties which they want to fulfill it.
  • They are trustable guys with lots of charm, craze and grace looks. Utmost romantic guys.
  • There won’t be big fights/clashes between the couple. They may get angry but it is them who gets compromises first. They know how to cool their angry birds.
  • They will fight for a common good of the people and will succeed in it. Once they commit their self to a person/work, they’ll be very honest with it.
  • They will handle his girl with lots and lots of love and patience. He will sacrifice anything for her and keeps her happy till the end.
  • They will be a very responsible and caring father. They will be an ideal father, every other kid loves.
  • Last and everlasting one is they look bomb with tucking in shirts.

This legend is playing with our emotions through his films since 1983. ‘Love is not something you is something that finds you’. May be Mani sir have some supernatural powers to make the audience to be fall in love.

So these male leads are heartthrob for many ladies. Comment your magic man and inspiration character!

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