When Your Teammates Are Chilling In This Looong Weekend, But You’re Stuck With Work

Looong weekend ante maaku pranam andi, year ki eppudo okasari vache ee holidays ni gattiga enjoy cheyali ani eppatinuncho plans eskuntam, friends andharni set cheskoni trips ki povadam, family tho hometown ki povadam ante maaku entho istamm.

Mari inni expectations pettukoni ready ga unna mamalni emergency assistance ane peru tho project work lo kurchopettadam enthavaraku correct adhyakshaa, so matter ipaatike ardham ayindi anukunta kadha, if you are stuck in your project work in this looooong weekend, ee article mana kosame, oh look eyandi masteruuu

Me & my team-mates planning to chill this weekend:

Me trying to escape from work, My manager stopping only ME:

My manager/project clients requesting (sometimes ordering) to do work in this long weekend also:

Me planning for a trip.

My daridram: Nenoochessaaaaaaaaa

Me working in this looooong weekend be like:

My team-mates in Instagram/WhatsApp stories:

Me to My TL after seeing those trip stories:

Me doing extra work in the office instead of enjoying in this looong weekend.

My fresher who came to me for KT:

Meeru inthe dedication tho chesthunnaru kabatii thwaraga promotion vasthadi anniyaa

Me: Kothaa yedhavaa, mana office gurinchi thelidhaa eedikiii.

My team-mates who went to the trip:

Arey pasial saripovatle maaku, paisalll pampuu

Me doing their work in office:

So adhandi matteruu, ila ee long weekend lo kuda work lo stuck ayi poina mana veera karmikulaku (that means employees) laku ee article share cheyandi, vallaki maa pranamaluu.

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