August 12th Fake Sick Leave Pettadam Mukyam Bigiluu: Reactions Of Employees This Long Weekend

Ee week calendar chusthe bhale kick vasthundi masteru, Rakhi ani, weekend ani, August 15th ani holidays anni varasaga undi muchata esthundi mowa, so matter ipaatike ardham ayindi anukunta, if you are a employee and planning to chill in this loooong weekend, ee article mana kosame, oh look eyandi.

Me while looking this long weekend in calandar:

Me asking leave on August 12th.

My Manager:

Me & my friends planning for a cute little trip in this loooong weekend:

Me and my bois:

Padhandraaa.. August 12th na andharam sick leave adugudhammm

Meanwhile my manager:

Andharkii okesari health problem ah raaaa


Saar ee week long weekend kadha, so hometown ki veldham anukuntunnam..

My Manager:

Long weekend ah..?

Me to my TL:

Saar meekuda thelusu kadha long weekend ki leave kavali ani.

My TL:

Meanwhile my TL to Manager:

Saar vallaki leave ivvale kadha, so work nadusthune untadi, SO nakuuu leave ichestheeeeee

My manager:

Freshers who got leave on August 12th.


Manager cool ga unnadu, meeru kuda leave adagandi anna

Seniors by thinking about project deadlines:

Meanwhile my other friends thinking how to lie about sick leaves to their HR:

After realization they don’t even have job:

Manaki villa laga office ledhu leaves levvu, prathi roju looooong weekend ehhhh

So adhandi matter, meeru kuda request cheso jugad cheso ee long looong weekend lo super family and friends tho super happy ga plan chesi chill avvandi guruvu garu, long weekend leave pettali anukuntunna mee friends ki share cheseyandi.

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