11 Things We Want To Tell Our Long Lost Best Friend!


We have always had best friends in childhood whom we had promised to stay in touch forever. Aa time lo ave nijam ani anukuntam only few are blessed with childhood friends who are with us throughout our lives. Alanti childhood best friends manaki life lo undadam luck kante ekkuva years of love, memories and unadulterated friendship. Kani edho oka reason valla vidipoyunte aa badha chaala ekkuva ga untadhi. So here are few things you want to tell your childhood best friend whom you are lost through the years:


1. My firsts were with you
Modathi sari okati chesanu ante aa prathi memory lo nuvvu untaavu. Adhe habit aipoyi ippudu avi malli chesthunte nuvve gurthosthav.

2. We know each other’s first crushes
Crushes ante ento ani theliyani age lo we just randomly liked people and vaalane manam crushes anukoni vaalathone untaamu aneskunam. Iddarini mana crushes dheggariki velli matladu ani thoyyadam ledha propose cheyyadaniki prothasahana ivvadam lo eh lotu vadhalale.

3. First ‘heart break’
Love ante ento theliyakapoina mana gf/bf manalni vadhilesi velthe mana edupu ni, sodhi ni bharinchindhi vale. Ah trance lonchi baitiki theeskonchinddhi vale.

4. For giving me a definition of friendship
Friend ante nuvve, lifelong manaki gurthundipoye oka gyapakam. For whatever reasons we parted, you were one of the first best things that happened to me.

5. For sticking with me through the ugly situations
Situations entha bad unna manam iddharam kalise trouble lo untaam, result edhaina kalise bharistham. Even though landing ourselves in trouble together was not much fun, being together made everything easy,

6. Sleepover times
Nenu ma family tho kakunda baita modhati sari vere intlo unnanu ante adhi mee intlone, adhi ma parents unna nammakam nee paina. Sleepovers appudu 8 tharavata manam melkoni unte rebels anukoni entha enjoy chese vaalamo. Not doing anything in your room was comfortable and was fun.

7. For all the ridiculous fights
Sorry, for all the fights over stupid guys/girls and sorry when I got angry even when you were being honest.I knew you were right but accept chesi truth ni digest cheskune state of mind lo nenu lekunde.

8. Being by me on all the important days
Even if you miss any of those important days now it’s okay because all the love you gave me when we were together will last me a life time. Kaalalu maarina mana friendship alane untadhi, konchem heavy ga unna it’s the truth.

9. I still don’t remember why we stopped talking
Mana matladam inka kalavadam monna monna ne appesinattu untadhi, endhuk jarigindho kuda ardham kale. Distance, time or mana silly fights ni blame chesina mana unna position maaradhu. But just because we are away from each other does not mean we don’t think of each other.

10. We were #friendshipgoals
Forever and ever, we were #friendshipgoals even before that existed.’Were’ ane padham chaala badhapettina, I couldn’t have asked for anything better, our moments were priceless.

11. Missing scenes
Mana adda, mana college, mana school anni mean nothing to me without you.Our hour long discussions about the most silly things and our stupid pranks anni keep reminding me of you. And how much ever I deny no one can ever replace what we had and I miss us.


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