Loners, A Short Film From Putham Pudhu Kaalai Vidiyaadha That Speaks Volumes About Loneliness, Grief & Vulnerability

Oh my.. oh my.. As someone who has watched Putham Pudhu Kaalai (part 1) in 2020 and loved GVM’s, Sudha Kongara’s and Suhasini Maniratnam’s shorts, I was obviously expecting some sweet stuff from the second part that released recently too.. But god oh god, “Loners” surprised in all magical ways.

End titles lo Halitha shameem name chudagane excitement, surprise, just love anthe! If meeru sillu karupatti chusi unte you know how beautiful her movies are!?

Film ayaka epudaina did you guys just stayed like that with eyes full of tears, happy, stress free. Ee movie chusaka naku adhe jarigindi. Mundhe chepthuna please do watch that one beautiful episode and ah tarvata article chadavandi.. because in-depth spoilers unayi.

  • Arjun Das & Lijomol Jose’s magical chemistry:

They both just lived in the characters asalu. Arjun Das ni Master movie lo mass look tho chusam, ah voice ki cheppalenantha fans unaru. And antha mass look tarvata intha soft look lo intha ease ga cheyadam awesome. Ippudu Arjun Das ante Dheeran ye gurtostadu.

Lijomol. Jai Bhim lo antha pichi peaks performance tarvata tanu kuda poetic role lo ila involve ayindi ante great change over asalu. Adhi kuda second film ke. Tna natural smile tho, kindness tho she just lived in the character.

I break down everytime I see 'Jai Bhim': Lijo Mol Jose

  • Frames:

30 minutes lo intha heavy message ivadame goppa anukunte prathi single frame ki chala importance icharu. Those beautiful video call frames, beach location, Nalla’s flat, balcony, their meeting spot anni day, night tho sambandham lekunda prathi frame entha beautiful ga chupincharo. Just mute lo pettina ah frames ala chusthu undipovachu. Those Blues all over. 

  • Music:

Oka evening time beach lo kurchuni waves sound okate vinipinchentha alone ga enjoy chesthunte ah feel ela untundho ee music kuda anthe. Throughout the movie soothing music, waves sound, pandemic song ani perfect ga untayi. Also both the locations needs a special appreciation abba!

  • Dude:

Teliso teliko idhari first conversation lo dude(pet dog) untadu. Nijamga life loki pet vaste chala changes jaruguthai. Antha badha pade dheeran basic things like.. Walking, cleaning, time ki dude ki food petti tanu tinadam kanisam ivi ayina chesthunadu ante adhi dude valle. “Mutual care giving”.

Dheeran, Dude, Nalla<3

  • Nalla: 

All of us are suffering in one way or the other. Death, health issues, breakup ila chala.. But kanisam avi share cheskodaniki ayina, chepte vine manishi antu okaru undali. Nalla ki recent ga breakup avthundi. Manaki first scene lo ne chupistaru tana ex food app lo Nalla address save ayyi undadam valla ah food Nalla ki delivery avadam. It says a lot about their relationship. Ah food pack medha “value for two deal” ani chupisthundi kabatti it’s showing that the guy has moved on. Asalu life medha hope ye lenattu chala badhapaduthu undadam chala instances lo chustham.. Ah time lo wax cheskodam, family wedding attend ayetapudu night dress medha saree eskodam… just smiling outside dying inside. 

  • Dheeran:

He has a very organized life. Vacation ki ravadam ah location chustene life lo well settled guy la anipistadu. Yes he is, but once therapy call lo join ayinapudu telusthundi that he is suffering from something ani. Best friend death, idharu kalisi series lu chudam, discuss cheskodam, ala oka series lo last episode vala friend chudakunda chanipoyadu ani ippati varaku adhi watch cheyyakapodam ufff. Tana last call lift cheyanandhuku ippatiki regret feel avadam, dude ni own pet kante ekkuva chuskodam Dheeran is sooo nice man. Asalu who tells re.. Oka pani chesemundhu neku okay na ani padhe padhe adagadam, Nuvu low lo unav ani nenu advantage teskonu ani chepadam.. Really! Do they exist?

  • Organic conversations, soulful connection:

Nalla first conversation lo ne.. “I’m hearing you, stay strong” ani chepadam. Dheeran kaludhama ani adagadam, only if you are okay with this ani second time adigi kalavadam. Ilanti little things ye connection ni penchuthayi. First meet lo ne santa claus laga Nalla doggy ki food and Dheeran ki tanu prepare chesina wine ivadam. Dheeran lo antha baadha unna, online therapy session attend aina kuda he couldn’t feel any better, he couldn’t vent his sadness, he never felt lighter and easier, until he meets her and talks to her. He makes him comfortable. Only she made him so comfortable to cry and let it all out of him. 

  • Writing: 


Dheeran- “You have lots of love that nobody needs. I just wish to see Nalla, with the same energy and vibe”

Nalla- “You are not just sharing with the sea, but to me as well”. It’s a great quality to admit our vulnerability”

I’m saying these words mean a lot more than a relationship. 

Beach, conversations, pet, vibe<3 With a runtime of almost just 30 mins, it’s almost surprising to see that, how many big yet sensitive topics the film touches and sheds light upon, starting from loneliness, grieving, having someone to talk to in these tough times to how life has changed so much after the pandemic. This sweet film is yet another reminder to why we need more female voices like the genius Halitha Shameem to tell stories. Cheers to life, hope and many such amazing stories.

Putham Pudhu Kaalai Vidiyaadha-Loners is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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