9 Ridiculous Jobs Titles That Make Even The Most Boring Jobs Sound Interesting


‘Kooti kosam koti vidhyalu’ antaru. Alage prapancham lo rakarakaala job-lu. Vaatiki rakarakaala perlu. Mari ee list alanti konni vintha perla gurinche, assal arthamkani perulu petteskunnaru kani, vaallu chese pani ento thelisthe, ‘Enti dheeniki intha build-up ah!‘ anukuntaru, avi ento chudham.


1. Chick Sexer

A guy who determines the sex of chickens.


2. Beverage Dissemination Officer

A super cool name for Bartender.


3. Retail Jedi

A retail shop assistant (who’s a Star Wars fan).


4. Accounting Ninja

An accounts manager who is as fast as a Ninja.


5. Janitor

Ee trailer chupinchinattu, A caretaker of building, whose job is to make sure that everything is clean.


If we go on like this, there are so many ridiculous job titles. But on the exact other end, there are ‘Idhendhayya Idhi‘ job titles that you never knew but exist.

6. Cat Behaviour Consultant

A Mental doctor and therapist for cats ???!!


7. Bread Scintist

Umm… OK. I like bread.


8. Bride Kidnapping Expert

Tollywood directors ki most favorite profesion


9. This peddha manishi is a ‘Porn Historian

We all have a best friend who can beat him.


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