10 Pictures Of Police During Lockdown That Prove They’re Working Outside So That We Can Stay Safe Inside


Lockdown valla mana panulu anni aagipoyayi ani complaint chestuntam kani, Ide lockdown lo gap lekunda, Police department is working almost 24/7 so that we can sleep peacefully at nights. This article is a heartfelt tribute/ acknowledgement to all such police.


1. Kerala police performing ‘hand-wash dance’ to raise awareness about good hygiene.


2. These policemen who tried to raise awareness by wearing Corona Virus helmets.



3. This policeman who is providing hand sanitizer to the under privileged


4. Hyderabad police spreading awareness to the citizens


5. This kind human who has not forgot that birds are living beings too


6. Fighting for nation, Then and now, Joginder Sharma


7. This constable who donated 100KGs of rice


8. This man who home quarantined himself for his kids


9. They are working irrespective of day and night for the sake of public safety


10. This sub-inspector from #Vijayawada who decided not to attend his mother’s funeral, 350 km away, to prevent spread of #CoronaVirus infection and also do justice to his job.


A big salute to all such policemen who are working their blood and sweat off for us everyday in these tough times.


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