Local Project vs Foreign Project: Reactions Of Software Employees During This December Holidays

Manushulu palu rakalu ani vinna kani, software lo projects inni rakalu untaya ani ee December lone thelsindi anniya, okodu emo working hours lo trip lu esentha kaliga unte, inkodu emo chali lo rathri varaku work chesthunnadu, asalu ee December software valla muchatla gurinchi oh look eyandi guruvu garu.

Software biddalu with foreign projects in December be like:

Some of my friends with Indian projects in December be like:

Endi ra intha work isthunnaruuuuu

My jugad friends going for trips in this onshore shutdown holidays.

Meanwhile my friends in software seethakala samaveshalu

That nasa friend chilling with junior garals in teams during no work period.

Another nasa friend jealousifying by doing more work.

Andharu chill avthunnaru, naaku asalu free time eh dhorakatle

Our recently married senior employee anna after seeing this year end holidays

My single senior anna in this peaks winter.

Holiday ani isthe honeymoon cheskuntunaru entraa

Freshers during this shutdown holidays.

Freshers doing work in local projects/startups

Neee ammmaaa, rathrayindi ra vadileyandra manalni

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