9 Live-Action, Animated Films That 90’s Kids Can’t Wait To Watch


2019 is definitely the year of ‘Live-Action’ movies. Disney has a great year planned ahead. We’d going back in nostalgia with all these famous childhood movies being remade. So here’s a list of intersting, upcoming live action and animation movies that we, the 90’s kids can’t wait to watch.


1. Detective Pikachu

Pikachu is back, in its best form ever. Watcing Pikachu in Ryan Reynolds voice is basically like watching a cuter deadpool.


2. Toy Story 4

After 8 years, Sheriff and Buzz Lightyear, one of the best animated duo, are back.


3. Dumbo

This one is gonna definitely make you emotional.


4. Mowgli

This one isn’t a theatrical release. This live-action will be released on Netflix, so many famous Bollywood actors are lending their voices for this one.


5. Aladdin

2019 is definitely the year of live action movies. Will Smith will be playing Genie.


6. Christopher Robin

This one is already relased though. Live action of our childhood’s favourite ‘Winnie, The Pooh’. This teddy looks so real that, it’s almost scary.


7. Ralph breaks the internet (Wreck it Ralph 2)

Currently playing in theatres, this is a sequel of Wreck it Ralph. If you’ve watched the first one, don’t miss this one too.


8. Frozen 2

A sequel to an animated movie that collected 1 Billion and remained a pop-culture phenomena.


9. The Lion King

The 1994 classic is getting its own live action with a stellar cast after almost like 25 years. We’re definitely looking forward to this one.


So, which one are you looking forward to? Do let us know in the comments below.


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