Dear Lilly.. Here’s Why Every Telugu Ammayi Fell In Love With Lilly’s Mosht Relatable Dressing Style From Dear Comrade

Welcome back ammayilu! Fashion Formula tho vachesa. There’s a say that nuventha comfort feel aythe ah outifit lo antha baguntav ani. The exact reperesentation of this line is Lilly from Dear comrade. Chala simple ga, mana pakkinti ammayla untundi. Less makeup, simple accessories, class outifits tho chala mandhi ammayila ki favorite ayipoindi. Mari ive kakunda ee movie lo inkonni favorites unai.. Randi chusedham!

Short skirts:

The entry and exit scenes in those cute skirts. Yes, correct ga ooru vachinapudu, tirigi velletapude wear chesthundi. Bhale untundi chinna pilla la.

Ikkat Print:

Prathi ammayi ki wardrobe lo kachithamga Ikkat print lo oka dress untundi. Also those color combinations oka light color ki dark color patch work, borders vachi class look isthayi. This is my most favorite look of all.

Collared tees:

Collared tees chala takkuva mandhi wear chestharu. Manam veskunte me anaya t-shirt ah anevallu. You proved that beauty comes from comfort.


Chusthene kallaki hayiga untundi. Those block print frocks, pastels, simple but elegant. Veetiki flipflops kani shoes kani pair chesthe set untundi daily wear look.

Oh Kalala Kadhala:

Ee song lo beauty entante audio+visual rendu baguntai. Ee song motham cold place kabatti printed sweaters, stay chese places kabatti patialas, cotton pants lo oka comfort look lo untundi.

Minimal Accessories:

Indhaka chepinate simple look lo untundi whole movie lo. So mostly studs, chain, and oka kasi dharam anthe!

The changeover:

How the trauma from the incident that happened in her life triggers her to cover her body. Ah incident ayina daggara nundi dupattas, full sleeve kurtas ye wear chesthundi.

Special mention to costume designers Aswanth Byri and Rajini (Raji raaga) for making Lilly look so beautiful. Mari what’s your favorite look of Lilly from Dear Comrade?

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