What Its Like To Be A Waiter? Here’s Why It Is One Of The Toughest Jobs


Food delivery app lu, Avi iche offer lu ee madhya ekkuva aipovadam Valla manam bayataki adugupettatledhu kani… Bachelors aina, families aina, atleast vaaraniki okasari aina ala saradaga restaurant ki velli lunch o dinner o chesevallam….

Manam bayata ela unna Sare, okkasari restaurant ki vellagane, akkada manaki theliyakundane oka high level feeling vastundhi. Daniki main kaaranam restaurant lo unde waiters. Star hotels lo aina, maamul restaurants lo aina, waiters customers ki chese maryaadalu mathram eppudu manchigane untayi.

Vallu chese job entha easy ga kanipistundho, dani venuka kashtam kuda anthe untundhi. But in the busy life we have, we almost ignore them every time.


“Aa sarle, oorike chesthunnara enti maryaadalu… Bill kaduthunnam ga”

Correct ey kani, adhe dabbulaki manam intiki order pettukovadam, restaurant ki velli thinadam ki unna difference manaki easy ga telusthundhi. Actually, manaki kuda chala refreshing ga untundhi, ala family/friends tho bayataki vachi happy ga time spend chesam ani…


“They never know how their day is going to be”

True. Restaurants ki vache customers okkokkaru okko tension lo untaru. Aa flow lo chala sarlu kopanni waiters meedha teercheskuntaru. Maname chala sarlu chusi untam, customers getting angry on the waiters.

Waiter emi thappu cheyyakunda ey customer thittaru kani, anni thitlu padalsina avasaram aa waiter ki kuda ledhu kadha… So, A waiter’s day may turn bad any time. Aina Sare, he serves the next customer with the same smiling face.


“All waiters do this because they get good tips”

Oka pedda star hotel lo work chesthunna, normal restaurant lo work chesthunna ey waiter aina sare, they expect tips every day. Star hotels lo aithe, Valla salary kanna tips ey ekkuva vasthayi. Kani normal restaurants ki vachesariki manam aithe tips asalu ivvamu, lekapothey ichina chala thakkuva istham.

I have seen people who feel that their stature will be down if they don’t give a minimum of 100 rupees as a tip in star hotels and not leaving a single penny when they dine in normal restaurants. So, most of the time normal restaurants vallaki manchi tips ravu but they work with the same smile/energy always.


“Andharu ila decent ga emi undaru, some are rude too”

Idhi ey profession lo aina undedhe. Not all are good tempered and decent. So, waiters lo kuda rude manners unnavallu manaki eduru ayyi untaru but danivalla we cannot say that all waiters generalizeManaki generalise cheyyadam alavatu ayipoyi ala anestham kani, it takes a lot of patience to be a waiter/waitress.


“Intha busy life lo mana relatives ne pattinchukovadam manesam. Inka restaurants lo waiters ni em pattinchukuntam?”

Nijamey, evari life lo vallu busy. But, no matter what is happening in his life, a waiter/waitress in a restaurant always greets us with a smiling face. So, vallani pattinchukonakkarledhu. Vallaki ivvalsina respect Ichi, vallani dignity tho treat chesthey chalu.


I myself have had a personal experience of people behaving rudely with waiters just because they know that these waiters cannot talk anything back but just listen to their scoldings. Manaki Valla service nachakapothe tip ivvaddhu, simple.

The least we can do is greeting them with a good smile and complimenting them for their good hospitality. Idhi cheyyadam valla, we will not lose anything instead we will make their day a brighter one.


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