10 Things We Misunderstood In Life By Saying ‘Life Lo Inthe Ra’


Manaki ardamayye vishayam vere vadiki inkola ardamavvachu., asalu ardame kakapovachu. Kani ade vishayam manaki misunderstood ithe? Yes. We’re misunderstanding many things today. 90’s kids daa, mem puttaake technology puttindi raa, appatlo dedicatoin ala undedi ra, ani dialouges kodutu vintage feels ani cheppukuntunnam kani, eroju mana chuttu unna vatine sarigga ardamcheskolekapotunnam.

Be it technology or be it relationships. Vote vesake fingers chupinche rojulu nundi finger chupinchi job manese rojulu daka vacham. Atlanti konni misconceptions and misunderstood things ento oo look veddham. (P.S : This article is just a “Manassakshi”. Don’t get offended 😀 )


1. “Not” Living in the moment :

Evadiki vachinodu vadu phone/DSLR lo pics teesi “Live in the Moment” antunnaru kani, phone pakkanetti ah moment lo enta mandi untunnaru? Travelling kanivvandi, meeting new people kanivvandi…they’re some of the beautiful moments to experience and live in that. What do you say?

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2. Talkative on Mobiles, not in real :

Padi mandi lo 8 members surely textroverts ayye untaru. Adhe…. they can talk anything on chatting but feels shy to meet in person. Introvert qualities textrovert nunde develop avthay emo! What say?!

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3. We fail to be on-“Line” :

Online lo lekkalenanni stunts vestham., but we hardly know how to fill the forms in the bank. We may be good at online but we failed to be on line.

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4. We lack indigenous knowledge :

Oka decade mundu varaku, we do have a knowledge on at least some of the things. But ippudu youtube meda depend ayyi, indigenous knowledge ae lekunda poyindi.

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5. Music is life ? :

Ok lets speak frankly. How many of you really love telugu literature before loving the telugu songs. Entha mandiki Balamurali Krishna garu telsu? We may listen to may pops., but we failed to know our own Carnatic singers and musicians.

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6.Busy – but how! :

Chinna chinna things meda concentrate chestuu, busy busy antuntam. Are they really that big things? Are they really that much important than talking to parents by heart?

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7. Wanderlust – How many states u know? :

Alanti tags undatam tappu ledu kani…..vanta vachina prati vadu chef ayipodu kada. Wanderlust doesn’t mean that, you just travel a lot anthe. No offence for the real wanderlusts out there huhh!!!

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8. Fear for small situations :

Chinnappati nundi grooming alavatu ina vadiki, repu morning office lo work avvakapothe boss class peekutadu ani mundu roju ratri food kuda manestadu. Avasarama manaki? We’re just one guy in the whole world. World is too big to be explored. Job doesn’t matter in that!

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9. Hobbies are hobbies :

Sleeping, Watching TV lantivi bayata cheppadaniki safe side answers ae, but how can they be hobbies ? A hobby must have a characteristic of livelihood, enjoyment and passion. They aren’t just time pass!!!

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10. Bold – For what ? :

Attitude, middle fingers apart, what exactly is bold ? Being yourself, being self aware, being conscience about your strengths and weaknesses. Keeping whatsapp status’ about bold doesn’t actually make you bold. Data wastage tappite inkem undadu boss.

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Apart from these, thanks to the society. Ippudippude job kanna passion meda people are standing firmly. Good or bad, change has started on one thing. Prati vishayam evaro cheppindi vini, chusi follow avvadam kanna, follow your conscience and make the life beautiful. If you too want to share the misconceptions, lets have in comments.


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