9 Life Lessons We Can Learn From SS Rajamouli!


SSR. Eeyanaki nenoka die-hard fan. Entha die-hard ante okko cinema oka vanda sarlu chusunta. Okko scene na blood loki vellipoyi untundi. Antha pichi.

Kani pichi leni vaallaki, aayana fans kani vaallaki aayana life nundi, aayana work nundu emi nerchukovachu ane thought vachindi. Ventane execute chesa!


1. No one has ever become great without dreaming big.



2. Losers create reasons. Winners create resources.



3. Manam happy ga undalante manam okkallame bagunte saripodu. Mana tho pani chese vaallu, mana thoti vaallu kuda bagundali.



4. Enthu etthu ki edigina odigi unde manasthathvam undali.



5. Everything you do, every step you take, every win and every failure, should help you achieve your ultimate goal.



6. Once you reach a certain level, you’re bound to undergo a lot of stress due to expectations from the people around you. Learn to handle them. Be calm and composed.



7. All your dreams are just that: fantasies, unless you get down to work.



8. Never, ever compromise on the quality of your work. Even if it takes time. Glorious chapters in history are not written overnight.



9. You don’t win big wars all by yourself. Believe in teamwork. It always pays off.



BONUS! This one’s for the directors. Never be afraid to EXPERIMENT, keep the ECONOMY of production in mind, elevate the EMOTION in scenes, always keep learning something new: EDUCATION, and finally the EXECUTION of your plan must be perfect.



Idhandi…na simple and humble tribute to my most favourite director, Jakkanna! Aayanni inspiration ga teeskuni meelo kuda chala mandi chala etthu ki edagalani aashisthunna!!


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