10 Common Life lessons We All Can Learn From Our Parents!


Mana prathi pani venekaala mana parents nerpinchina oka chinna lesson untundhi alantidhi valla degara “life lessons” nerchukodaniki inka chala untai, dealing with tough situations avanivandi ledha financial situations edhaina nerchukovachu. Manam adagadaaniki bhayapadtham kaani nerchukunte chala ne untai. Vaalu cheppadaniki mohamata padthaaru ani or adigithe ela untundhano kaani manam ignore chesesthaamu. Kaani vaalu theeskuna deisions ni chusthe vaalu cheppakundde manam chaala nerchukovachu. Manam prathi sari mana future ledha mana life partner gurinchi aalochinchinapudu we think that we want a love story like their’s, or a life just like them so here are some life lessons you can learn from your parents:


1. Surprises:

Peddha peddhavi kakapoina chinna chinna surprises like cooking the meal or sudden dinner plans can bring a smile across their faces. Ala life lo chinna chinna suprises tho entha happy ga undocho manam nerchukovachu.


2. Compliments:

Mana parents ni eppudu bhari compliments ivvadam vinaledhu, but they give compliments to small things which we often ignore or when we least expect it, that helps us to learn the attention of detail they have.


3. Tough Situations:

Eppudu tough ga undalemu, during a hard time our parents know how to face those problems and see us through these bad times. “It’s going to be bad sometimes and you have to deal with it” ani vaala actions tho chupisthaaru.


4. Be Yourself:

Nanna baita entha gambhiranga ledha serious ga unna intlo silly things chesthu andharini navvisthaaru, amma ni adipistharu and navvistharu, manatho time spend chesthaaru. Ila okarini okaru navvinchukuntu motham house ni happy ga unchuthaaru.


5. Bring Your Best To Home:

Parents eppudu bad situations ni mana varaku raanivaru, enni tensions unna they have a constant smile on their faces, intlo vaala meedha chupincharu. Till this day ah smile eh manaki strength.


6. Opposite Personalities:

Mana parents andharilo unde common point, two completely different personalities leading one life. Interests and hobbies chaala different untaayi kaani they have lasted for many years together. It shows us that more than the similarities the bond is important.


7. This is it:

Ee Madhya eh chinna problem vachina break up easy ga chepestham, mundhu venaka aalochincham. Mana parents ila undunte ippud manam ila unde vaalamu kaadhemo, they are an example of making things work no matter what.


8. Show love:

‘I love you’ ani chaala thakkuva sarlu anukunna they are the best couple we know. Vaalu cheppukokapoina vaalu chese panulo kanapadthadhi aa vishyam.


9. Every Day Is A New Day:

Sudden ga godava padthaaru, malli sudden ga asal em jaraganattu kullu jokes veskuntu untaaru. Letting go off things is very important for a relationship to survive.


10. The Small Moments:

Anniversaries and birthdays are always important but it’s the small and cute moments that keeps the life going. Edho pani chesthu oka smile ichukoavadam ledha kalisi lunch cheyadam, ivvani chala common eh aina doing these things together has strengthened their bond and shows their acknowledgement of things.


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