Tragedy or Comedy – 10 Life After B. Tech Situations!

Life is not a bed of roses. You learn this the hard way only after you complete the 4-year joke called B. Tech. But the sad part is, it is only funny to others. But hey! Why wallow in misery when you can laugh at it, right?

1. You’re asked to wake up early. But for what?


2. Every wedding, family function, birthday party you attend, you are asked the same question. Next enti mari?




3. Anything you do, your dad is like… Panikoche pani okkati cheyavu ga!




4. Even your neighbourhood kids start taking you lightly. Cricket aadu anna vachi maatho, khali eh ga!



5. Your timeline is a pain to see. Facebook makes your eyes well up with sadistic messages like… Your classmate now works at Google. Hahaha!



6. Your girlfriend starts getting second thoughts. Ippudaina practical ga aalochinchali manam…



7. You start smoking an awful lot of cigarettes. Padakundu rupayalu chesesadu ra, @$$#33!




8. You set your ringtone to… Saapatu yetu ledu paataina padu brother!



9. You start discovering household wonders like grocery-shopping and cooking. Konchem uppu takkuva veyyi ra, babu!



10. The daily serials, the neighbours’ quarrels, the lives of street dogs, everything seems suddenly interesting… Nalugu pillalu puttayi ra ninne. Okati black, okati cream, okati…


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