Silly But True. In 1909 This Man’s Letter With Frustration, Brought Toilets In Indian Train


Indian Railways 1853 lo start aytey, till 1909 – 1910 Indian trains lo toilets levu, just okka letter tho 55 years lo leni need ki pedda change ni teeskochindi, then came the Toilets in Indian Trains.

Vinadaaniki vichitranga unna idi nijam. and letter is this…


Dear Sir,

I am arrive by passenger train at Abmedpur station and my belly is too much swelling with jackfruit. I am therefore went to privy. Just I doing the nuisance the guard making whistle blow for train to go off and I am running with lota in one hand and dhoti in the next. When I am fall over and expose all my shockings to man and woman on platform. I am got leaved at Abmedpur station.

This too much bad, if passengers go to make dung, the damn guard not wait train five minutes for him? I am therefore pray your honour to make big fine on that guard for public sake otherwise I am making big report to papers.

Yours faithfull servant
Okhil Ch Sen


Ee letter ni hand painting cheyinchi Delhi lo Indian Railway Museum lo pettaru. Ippatiki manam ee letter ni museum lo chudachu.


Ila letter rayakunda unduntey train lo toilets pettali ani vachundedo ledo, just okari open up ayyi raasina oka kotla mandi janalaku upayogapadindi, vaari comfort ki reason ayyindi. Every Indian Should be Thank full to Okhil garu.


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