10 Legendary Bakeries Of Hyderabad That You Must Visit ASAP!


We Indians have a never ending fascination for food, especially Hyderabadis. Sometimes, its just the prospect of food that keeps us going ahead in life with gusto. Exploring new varieties of food is a lifelong quest for some. However, we never really try to explore all the wonderful little places around us. Sometimes all it takes is just a short walk from our place, yet we ignore them. You know what I’m talking about. The portly bakeries we see just around the corners. They say, life is always better with fresh baked cookies and happiness is always just a cupcake away. You might be wondering what all the fuss about these bakeries is about. Some bakeries are so famed that they are almost legendary. They attract visitors from far and wide. Here’s a list of such delightful bakeries in Hyderabad that you must visit right away.


1. Karachi: This age old bakery is almost as famous as Charminar in Hyderabad serving some of the finest cookies and Osmania biscuits you have ever tasted.
Where: Nampally X roads & Several outlets in city
Must Try: Osmania Biscuits.


2. Café Nimrah: Apart from its delicious and lustful “Chai” Nimrah also serves some fine bakery items and regular foods of Hyderabad.
Where: Near Charminar
Must Try: Lukhmi, Samosa.


3. Subhan Bakery: This bakery is more than 100 years old and is famous for its special Osmania biscuits. Also it delivers online too.
Where: Nampally
Must Try: Osmania Biscuits.


4. Café Niloufer: Another Place that serves the mini cup of happiness along with some fresh confectioneries and baked cookies.
Where: Lakdikapul
Must Try: Dilkush, Khari


5. Blue Sea: Located near the rathifile bus stop in Secunderabad, along with a piping hot Garam Chai a “fine” biscuit is all you need to start off your hectic day.
Where: Secunderabad
Must Try: Fine Bisket, Cream Roll.


6. King & Cardinal: This is a pure bakers and confectioneries, unlike others this place serves some of the finest pastries in the city.
Where: Himayathnagar.
Must Try: Any pastry.


7. Bombay Bakery: Another famous bakery in Abids, every parent or “gate coaching” student has tasted their tea and biscuits here at least once.
Where: Abids.
Must Try: Maska Bun


8. Alpha Hotel: The name itself describes its prominence.
Where: Secunderabad
Must Try: Lukhmi, puffs.


9. Hotel Grand: A heartfelt breakfast followed by a Garam Chai and meva bun is all you need if you are in Abids.
Where: Abids
Must Try: Biscuits, Meva Bun


10. Pista House: Apart from the famous “Haleem”, this place also serves some fine baked items.
Where: Old city, Moghalpura
Must Try: Pastries, Fresh baked buns.


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