13 Baddhakist Things That Every Lazy Girl In Her 20s Will Relate To


Contributed By Clara Ipshita

They say lazy people are smart workers.. because sometimes they aim at achieving the same result in a more simpler way. If you are a lazy girl, you will definitely relate to the list below.


1. Slept with make up on

There has been at least one time in every girl’s life when you slept with your make-up on because you were lazy to wipe it off.

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2. Ordered food instead of cooking

With cooking being quite a big task you are often tempted to order food online so its ready, tasty, and delivered at your doorstep.

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3. Ironed clothes with a hair straightener

You are always in a hurry, and there is no time to iron your clothes properly. You just iron it with a hair straightener lightly.

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4. Getting dressed

Your clothes start piling up on the floor while getting dressed just for you to pick one outfit. Believe me.. they will be lying there for ages.

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5. Waxing in winter is a no no

It won’t be surprising to be all covered up or waxing/ shaving areas just visible like knees or ankles to avoid this procedure in winter.

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6. Dry shampoo

Dry shampooing or using hair spray is one hack for all the girls who are simply lazy to wash their hair during the week and make a hair bun. Fastest and easiest hairstyle for any look.

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7. Black and white same

Using one pair of black or white leggings for more than a day. Who is going to notice it? Right?

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8. Periods = Extremely sick

This is sometimes an excuse to get things done for you. Here, you will find two kinds of people, those who accept doing it and other who are just lying. 😀

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9. Air- drying

Repeating you lingerie or gym clothes for consecutive days by air-drying them under the fan and sinking yourself in perfumes and it goes unnoticed.

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10. After Shower

You find absolutely no need to dry your hair when you know that going out in your vehicle, the wind will do the job for you.

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11. Sweatpants are life.

In spite of taking all the efforts of picking dresses and accessories you finally will step out in sweatpants and t-shirt for any gathering.

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12. Use and throw crockery

You often tend to use paper or plastic items that you can throw away to avoid washing the utensils.

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13. Sunday fun-day

You claim Sunday to be a time for relaxation. Do less work, just Netflix and chill.

Honestly, more like everyday.

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