Lay Off Bhayalu: Reactions Of Software Employees After Knowing About Lay-Offs News

Random uncle:

Em babuu, em nadusthundi?

Software employees:

Lay off’s nadusthunnai uncle.

Ekkada chusina ippudu ee Lay Off bayale mowa, social media lo serious discussions tho full trendy ga nadusthundi ee Lay Off muchata, asalu evarni eppudu fire chesthunnaro theliyani situations lo work chesthunna mana sati software employees gurinchi anamata ee article.

CEO’s firing employees be like:

Employees working in this lay off atmosphere.

My senior who asked for hike last month:

Hike tharvatha, meeru fire cheyakapothe chaluu, fire cheyakapothe chalu.

My bench friend who is scared to loss his job after seeing all this Lay off updates.

My friend who got lay off from a startup:

Vallante pedha companies kabati isthunnai, meeru endhuku fire chesthunnaru anna.

Start Up companies:

Due to poor performance babuuuu


Saar, mana project lo aythe lay off’s undav kadha?

My Manager:

Naadi naake ardham katle, nikem chepali ra


Asalu em jaruguthundi mowa ee company lo, evaru untunnaru evaru pothunnaru.

Me after knowing my TL got fired for fake certificates:

Endhooo emooooo

Me calling to my manager:

Saar ee lay off list lo mana vallu evaru unnaru?

My manager:

Sorry bro, nannu pikesaru, nenu job searching lo unna, nikuda emaina leads unte reference ivvu.

Me every day going to office be like:

Lay off em avvadhu ani korukuntu work cheyu nana

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