Hyderabadis.. Be Prepared For Embarrassing Whistles The Next Time You Urinate On The Roads!


It’s a pretty common sight in India to see men peeing against walls and trees in public. Well, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has come up with a crazy public health campaign targeted against public urinating. If you are one of those who frequently stop-by and relieve yourself by urinating in the open, here is some bad news for you. Next time, when you try doing it, do not be surprised at strong whistling and noisy tapping of a stick on the ground.

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is all set to roll out a unique initiative called ‘Lathi Seeti’. If you are found urinating in the open, GHMC workers around will start making a loud noise using a whistle and a cane to attract the attention of passers-by, thereby leaving the person urinating in an embarrassing situation. By causing a din, the intention is to deter the practise.

Earlier, GHMC succeeded in persuading the owners of hotels, restaurants, and petrol bunks to allow the public use washrooms at their premises. The civic body also constructed 135 BOT toilets, 109 pre-fabricated toilets, 46 Sulabh complexes, 57 engineering toilets, 20 She toilets, 20 community toilets, and made public toilets available for every half kilometer in commercial areas.

Despite all these efforts, the GHMC officials said, still some people resorted to using open spaces forcing them to come up different approaches to tackle the issue. Earlier, few techni

Also, in a bid to encourage the usage of public toilets, the maintenance of the toilets has been improved by cleaning them at regular intervals, decorating them and by introduction of Swachh Senas near public toilets and Swachh Doots near She toilets.


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