10 Things You Must Definitely Do In Your Last Year Of College.

“College” is one of the most beautiful phases in any student’s life. Let it be the things we learned or the situations we faced, the pressure we handled or the way we managed ourselves, every minute of your glorious college life is memorable.
If you are entering into the last year of your college life then here’s the list of things you must do before you leave the campus.
1. Attend that final lecture
Nothing beats a lecture or the fun you have in classroom. You have probably bunked enough lectures already, attend one for a change this time.
2. Have that one final tour of your college/City
Go out and see the nook and corner of your college or explore the city you have studied. This is the place where you spent some of the best days of your life. Let it be imprinted in your memory forever.
3. Treat all your friends
Not all exactly, but the one’s you owe, it’s going to be remembered for a really long time.
4. Apologize
Don’t hold grudges, no matter whose mistake it was or how bad your fight was with your friend, forgive and forget.
5. Plan that long trip that you all wished should happen
Nothing beats a trip with your best friends and the memories they make.
6. Do the one thing you always wanted to do, but hesitated
Let it be the debate or public speaking or the event you wanted to participate.
7. Talk your hearts out
Talk to that one friend whom you always smiled at or winked at and make new friends. You never know when you’ll see them again.
8. Show your gratitude to your college staff
Thank that security who guarded your bike or the lab technician who helped you or the staff who kept the classrooms neat every morning.
9. Confess your feelings
If there’s more than friendship between you and your best friend, then this is the right time. There’s no stopping for you. You don’t want to regret later.
10. Take lots and lots of pictures
Yes! Take a lot of them with the faculty, friends they sure are going to bring a smile when you look at those pictures after a certain period.
You’ll have people who will bear with you till the very end and some don’t but you sure will miss your college and these will definitely help you to relive those moments again.

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