Here’s Why Lamakaan Truly Represents The Unfettered Soul Of Hyderabad And Its Culture!


Guys, Lamakaan today completes 7 years of its lovely existence! It’s as good as any other heritage monument in Hyderabad because it’s everything that we Hyderabadis could have asked for.



The story:
Makan means house, Lamakaan means ‘no house’. That was the response M.Hassan, the owner, would give when he was asked about it’s construction, which went on for nearly 20 years till somewhere in the 90s.



According to Ashhar Farhan, his nephew, who started Lamakaan along with three others in 2010, the place is meant to be an open liberal platform and a place for art and culture. And truly it is. Most people don’t know the history behind Lamakaan, why it’s called so, and what it means to Hyderabad today. All of us should thank Farhan and Co for giving us this lovely space, which could have been easily used as a residence by him or his family in the posh area of Banjara Hills. We truly owe him a big thanks.



Originally written by Instagrammer Yunus Lasania.

This video will give you a fair idea of what Lamakaan truly stands for!


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