A Telugu Ammayi’s Travelogue About Why & Where To Go In ‘Kutch’


Allu Arjun chepinattu, Manam logic kanna magic ne ekkuva namutam. Na kalla mundu jarugugutuna e meteor shower venaka chala astrology ki samandinchina logic vundi vundochu Kani, naku matram adi magic lage anpinchindi. Ralipoye nakshtrala madyalo nundi chinna ga konni blue lights sudden ga peddavi ayyi, okka nimisham mundu varaku cheekati ga vunna akasani Silver blue lights toh nimpesi mana midiki vachestundemoo anipinchindi. Adi nijama? kala? ani kallu moosi teriche lope malli cheekati.


Cut cheste… oka rendu rojula mundu Rann Utsav choodaniki Gujarat Kutch district lo Vunna tent city ki velanu.

Rann Utsav is a festival celebrated every year from November to February in the Kutch District – Gujarat, during the formation of seasonal shimmering salt marshes in the parched, mighty Thar desert. ………. As they say “Kutch Nahi Dekha to Kuch Nahi Dekha” (if you have not seen Kutch, you have not seen anything) explains the beauty of this place.


Gujarat and Rann of Kutch tourism boards have done a fantastic job in setting up the tent city

First roju Sunset trip…. It’s one of the best things to do in Kutch. . kanipinche anta dooram lo motham salt desert, the sky is clear without a hint of clouds, peach & yellow sunset…just wow! To watch the kutch artists wearing colourful handlooms singing and performing folk dance on the endless salt marshes is an incredible experience, though the performance was kind of a manufactured culture just for the Utsav, the festival has not lost its purpose. In the extreme corner of the country, with desert everywhere closing opportunities for agriculture, the locals depend on salt mining and sell handlooms for a living. This festival opens opportunities for the surrounding local villagers to make some decent earnings.


The Rann of Kutch star gazing club, set up a camp little ahead of the tents, As I reached the Camp an elderly person was just finishing narrating about how Young prince Dhruv became the pole star pointing at one of the brightest starts with a laser light in his hand.

I was astonished to see millions of stars in the sky. Manam cities lo em miss avutunamo appudu telisindi.

I lay on the flat cracked desert watching the Milky Way while listening to the forgotten mythical tales about stars, constellations and planets. Just before we dispersed the elderly Man said Leonid meteor shower peaks at night on November 17th, the constellation will rise around 1:00 Am, so the meteor shower can be seen at late night of 17th November.


Nenu 18th roju afternoon Hyderabad ki bayalderutuna, so perfect anukuna.

I asked him if we can gather in the same place to see it, but he said that the Camp will be here but to see the meteor shower you’ll have to go a little ahead a dark place ahead of the villages.

I was almost disheartened, thinking of how to go that far in an unknown place…..Just then he gave a solution and said…actually, there are two other travellers who are interested. My son can take all 3 of you in my jeep. He introduced me to his son Chintan and the other two guys.

We shook hands on meeting at the campsite on 17th late night at 2:00 am (or technically 18th morning)

Appudu excitement lo oke anesa kani…..room ki veltunte, na mind lo sudden ga ma amma dialogues – Ardharatri, Teliyani orilo, mugguru abbayilto kalisi anta dooram veltava?? Emaina jarigite teliyadanike varam padutundi.

A chill ran down my spine. My mom’s words were not completely wrong.

Finally the day has come. I was disoriented the full day, night 1:30 ki alarm petukunanu Kani Nidra padte kada…….reception ki velli, a camp site gurinchi kanukuna, a peddayana chala manchi varani, a oriki vache valaki valla abbayi toh Kalisi ila trips organise chestarani chepparu.


Kasta opiri pilchukoni, endukaina manchidani bag lo pepper spray petukoni bayapadutune bayaldera.

But once the journey started and the ice broke, they made me feel very safe and so comfortable that the pepper spray in my bag put me to guilt.

Darilo, oka chettu ledu, road ledu, motham edari, Mundu ki veltunamo…akadakdake tirugutunamo kuda ardam kalede chala sepu.

Oka under construction lo watch tower dagger agi paiki ekkam.

Meteor shower emo telidu Kani, What I saw gave me goosebumps . A streak of shooting stars!!! Chinnapudu oka shooting star kanipiste 10 wishes vachevi mind loki. Kani Akkada anni okesari kanpinchina korukovadam marchipoyi choostu vundipoya.


Morning 5 avostondi, naku tochina stars ni kaluputu rakkarakala bommalu ohinchukuntu I kept staring at the sky…. sudden ga there were sparks in the sky illuminating the sky with a smattering of silver blue lights. The Leonid meteor shower started.

By the time the meteor shower ended, I found new friends. We celebrated our first meteor shower with a morning chai on our way back.

I came back to Hyderabad with something I’d never forget. Whenever I Look up, The starless Hyderabad sky reminds me of the magic and puts a smile on my face.

How to reach Rann of Kutch: The nearest Airport and Railway station is in Bhuj. The frequency is less so there might be layovers.

If you are planning to go there from Ahmedabad, its an overnight journey by bus or train to Bhuj and another 1-3 hours from there depending on where you are staying in kutch.

Where to stay: Tent city if you are visiting between November to February. There are homestays in Kutch district and a lot of hotels in Bhuj.

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