Kushi Forever: Fans Reactions For The Cult Movie Re-Releasing In After Almost 20 Years

Cinema fyans ki asalu sisalaina new year celebrations, 2022 is full of movies annatu, kotha vatitho paatu mana cult classics ni kuda re release chesthu fans ki manchi treat isthunnaru mowa, ah sync lone ee 31st ki mana power star Kushi vasthunte, next week super star Okkadu ready ga unnaru, ika ah tharvatha Sankranti ni mana pedha stars elago reserve cheskunnaru lendi, so intha peaks movie schedule lo repu year end oopu lo mana Kushi re release avthunte fans manobavalu mamulaga levvu.

Fans after watching Kushi movie for nth time

Cult PSPK fans:

Meeru intlo Kushi movie chusi enjoy chestharu, memu theater ki velli Kushi movie chusi celebrate cheskuntam, both are not same

Fans hadavidi at the theater be like:

POV: Fans for every 5 mins in theaters while watching Kushi

Fans hunting for the RTC x roads Kushi movie tickets

WFH fans who didn’t have Kushi re release shows at their hometown

Fans who came to RTC x roads from hometown to watch Kushi, but his rod friend gave hand for tickets.

Tickets vere vallaki ameskoni naaku hand ichava ra @#$%

Me who saw my father at the theater:

My father who is busy in his celebrations at the theater:

Later, my father came to me and taking promise:

Arey mee amma ki chepanu ani naa medha ottu ey ra, asale office lo meeting ani podhune vachaa.

Me getting excited by watching vintage PSPK in large screen.

My father:

Dhinike ila aythe ela ra?

Fans after watching Kushi in theater now.

Ah style uh, ah acting uh, ah musicuu malli ilanti cinema lu eppudu chusthamo emo, poni le intikellaka malli TV lo chudham

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