KTR won Twitter with his responses on #AskKTR! Here are the best ones!

On 26th June, 2015, Telangana’s IT Minister, KTR took to the internet. Decided to interact live with the people of the state (and otherwise!) on the twitter handle @WeAreHyderabad, ending it by launching the handle’s official logo! And it turned out to be a three hour roller coaster! In short, he won the internet for the Telugu folk that night. Hundreds of tweets that also included answers regarding Telangana’s plans but also many that just highlighted the awesomeness that KTR is! Here are his best tweets that kept us hooked to the feed.
1. Straight to the point!
KTR Chai Bisket 1
2. Take it from the experienced one
KTR chai bisket2
3. Man of his words
KTR Chai Bisket 3
4. Nice try, @EndRanger. But you’re talking to someone who has “political correctness” for breakfast!
KTR Chai Bisket 4
5. Shots Fired!
KTR Chai Bisket 5
6. Definition of proactive? This.
KTR Chai Bisket 6
7. Nothing harmful about this one. But wait…
KTR Chai Bisket 7
8. His answer to the follow up question made us go “ooooooooo”
KTR Chai Bisket 8
9. Notice the use of the word, “was”.
KTR Chai Bisket 9
10. And of course, there has to be Baahubali in here somewhere!
KTR Chai Bisket bahu
11. Answering a question with a question is always a safe-bet! 😉
KTR Chai Bisket 10
12. KTR isn’t taking anybody’s bullsh*t.
KTR Chai Bisket 11
13. There’s an invisible “There are better questions to be answered. Get updated.” line in that tweet of KTR.
KTR KCR CHai Bisket
14. *Respect*
KTR Chai Bisket 12
15. Again… not having any of anyone’s BS.
KTR Chai Bisket free
16. Aaaaand this was where we bowed to the political poet in him.
KTR Chai Bisket yellow
17. Team Chai Bisket collectively went “Ohhhhhh” when we saw this one.
KTR Chai Bisket CBN
18. There’s no hatred. We are one people. Just two states.
KTR Chai Bisket no hatred
19. Let’s lighten things up!
KTR Chai Bisket Benefit
20. He went a little too far with the humor and got rightfully owned!
KTR Chai Bisket Biryani
21. His criticism did not exclude his own. If you’re not impressed then we are judging you.
KTR Chai Bisket TNews
22. Always get your facts right when you’re talking to someone who just traveled the world for his state.
KTR Chai Bisket pushkaralu
23. No negativity. But so much sass!
KTR Chai Bisket sass
24. Do you hear the whistles in the background!?
KTR Chai Bisket world
25. This shows the level of thought that he has put into the welfare of the state. So impressed!
KTR Chai Bisket poverty
26. Aaaaand our favourite one of the lot!
KTR Chai Bisket inspiration
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